Painting Decemb-uary 2017-18: Part 4

Today we have another update to the Decembuary project for this year. The amazing work just continues to flow here!

Imperial Rebel Ork aka IRO has completed his impressive project of a converted Ogre/Ogor/Mournfang Stonehorn. Who’s a hungry boy, then?

I call the big one “Bitey”.

Alex from Leadbaloony has completed his custom Arkhan the Black. Amazing OSL on show here!

Speaking of hungry, this one looks positively famished!

Ann from Ann’s Imperium has continued to work on her (in)famous Foetid Bloat-Drone “Becky the Bloater”. I’m loving that mottled green.

uh…. disgusting.

Tinpotrevolutionary ‘s Iron Eagles Space Marine Dreadnought has started to have the details filled in. The Brass really pops against the grey.

Look at that stance!

The 28th Scribe has updated on his progress with Grymdraig from Mierce Miniatures. The armour and skin are looking great here.

Swinging that Blade…

Archer from Dakka was involved from the challenge (presumably) from the start, but I couldn’t find his pictures because post me a link if you’re joining in a challenge I’m compiling, dammit. Ahem. A Necron Monolith in it’s early stages (as of last posting, anyway)

Time for some space pyramids.

And – oh yeah – me.

I’ve put the Forge World Daemon Prince to one side for the time being in order to concentrate on the metal Great Unclean One. I’ll put up an actual update post of my own in the next day or three, but here’s a current pic snapped a few minutes ago.



Like myself for most of this challenge, a few participants haven’t posted an update since the last round-up, though I’m sure that painting continues feverishly behind the scenes. 😉

Thomas of High Times on the Eastern Fringe has been working on a Khorne Lord of Skulls.

Wudugast from Convert or Die has been working on a Skaven Screaming Bell as a worthy cap to his Year of the Rat project.

Ian Sturrock has started on a trio of Frost Giants from Bones III.

And the gallery of previously-completed work:

Davekay from Scent of a Gamer completed Reaper Miniatures’ massive Bones model, Goremaw. Just don’t put your hand too close when feeding…

Someone has a pretty horrible case of worms...


Over on Dakka, Joshinjapan did an inspirational job on Great Cthulhu from Reaper Bones.


Zergsmasher smashed out Mortarion, who looks great.

If all goes to plan, I’ll do another round-up next weekend followed by a final wrap-up late next week.

21 thoughts on “Painting Decemb-uary 2017-18: Part 4

  1. Feverish painting behind the scenes you say? Um… yeah, lot’s of that… Nah, truth be told I’ve not posted any updates because there haven’t been any to show, real life’s been keeping me on my toes as ever. That said I did get back to painting the bell in anger over the weekend so I’ll try to get an update up soon.

    Very inspiring seeing the work the others have done though, if that doesn’t encourage me to wrestle some more hobby time from the jaws of my other commitments nothing will! Looking forward to a full update on your GUO, it’s looking excellent.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Some nice stuff being worked on. Good progress on your GUO. That guy was my first recurring nemesis when I first started playing 40K. Oh, how I loved to hate him!

    Liked by 1 person

      • Well, looking at him I think you have a fighting chance. That is about where I’m at with Becky. I made really good progress early in the month but stalled because people kept asking me for games and over the past couple of weeks I’ve done a lot more painting than playing.

        I remain hopeful for both of us. Either way, I’m sure Grandfather will forgive us for he is very indulgent of the shenanigans of his little ones. Thank goodness we aren’t painting Khorne guys!

        Liked by 1 person

      • I planned to do a lot more than I got done today. I’m not even sure I got enough done to warrant an update – though I did get some done on his friend as well, and glued down some more stuff to their bases. I plan to mount both of them on their bases with 2-part epoxy and allow it to dry overnight, so I can continue working on them today and have them ready for more work next time I paint.

        I know what you mean though – I’ve had lots of visitors and people and commitments in the past few weeks. Occasionally it’s something fun like a game, but lots that isn’t. Bloody exhausting!

        Liked by 1 person

      • I’ll look forward to seeing more of the GUO as he takes shape.

        Yes, I find that sometimes I have to step back and slow down from recreational commitments. When it becomes a chore or exhausting that tells me it is time to moderate. After all the word is re-create. If it becomes tiring then for me at least it starts to feel more like the w-word.

        Liked by 1 person

      • GUO finally completed today. Took the photos a little earlier, so the post will go up tomorrow.
        I’m in between a rock and a hard place right now. With what happened last month, I need to keep going and have something to do ALL the time to keep my mind occupied. Of course, I’m back at work now, so that’s something else to keep me tired. Maybe I can finally have a rest when Easter hits?

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