Star Wars Imperial Assault: Emperor’s Royal Guard

Star Wars Imperial Assault: Emperor's Royal Guard

The last unit I finished painting for the June-It challenge is this foursome of Emperor’s Royal Guards from Fantasy Flight’s Imperial Assault game. Pretty simple and straightforward paint jobs – several shades of red, highlighted, shaded, glazed and highlighted again. A satin spray to finish and give the robes a nice silky sheen, and slightly more highlighting and a gloss varnish on the helmets to make them look hard and lacquered.

Star Wars Imperial Assault: Emperor's Royal Guard

They’re not bad models by any means, though at the same time they’re not amazing or anything. Likewise, the paint job is very much a “good enough” tabletop level, and entirely appropriate for these figures. Most importantly, they capture the look of the troops from RotJ very nicely, and were a nice, quick set to paint up.

Star Wars Imperial Assault: Emperor's Royal Guard

I’ve noticed that like Descent, people often mark out some of the models with red base rims. I didn’t want to quite do the same with these models, but I did want some way that I could make two of these ERGs slightly distinct without making them look jarringly different. I settled on painting the edges of the Imperial Cog on two of these bases, like a floor pattern in any Imperial base. It’s subtle enough to not stand out too much, but should be obvious enough in gameplay, especially with players looking down on the models.

These would have been published tomorrow, but I’ve just come back inside after taking photos of these and some others, and wouldn’t you know it – blurry, unusable photos for one of the other units. I really am not up to going back out to retake those photographs tonight since it’s dark and cold, so these guys are up for today’s post instead!

28 thoughts on “Star Wars Imperial Assault: Emperor’s Royal Guard

  1. Nice mate, lovely reds. You know, I always wondered what the point of these guys was back in the day… they didn’t look especially killy to me! Seeing their modern equivalent kicking ass in the Last Jedi was a bit of an eye-opener 🙂

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  2. You’re on a robes/cloak kick lately! 🙂

    They look pretty ace, man. Tough models to paint, being all red and not much you can do for variation. When I first saw the bases, I was going to ask where you got those. Can’t believe you freehanded the Imperial Cog on the bases. That looks really sharp. Excellent idea, greatly executed!

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    • Once again you’re too kind. The upside of the lack of variation on models like these or the Nazgul is that it does make them a lot easier to paint decently because, well, there’s not very much to worry about!
      I felt the cogs were a bit wonky, but good enough. Nice to see they hold up from a distance!

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