Mantic Terrain Crate – Barricades and Barrels, Conan’s Chests

Mantic Terrain Crate, Barricades, Kegs, Monolith Conan Boardgame Chests

My plans to get a ton of exciting Heroes and Villains done in December have had a few large wrenches thrown in the works, and as a result, I haven’t really painted for almost a week. Getting back into it, I decided to work on some simple stuff that had been sitting around in the way on my painting desk – in this case, more Mantic Terrain Crate scatter pieces.

Mantic Terrain Crate, Barricades

Mantic Terrain Crate, Barricades

Two different types of barricade – and three of each. I varied the colours just a little in order for them to be a little unique and not just look like clone-pieces. I kept them all to natural, “woody” tones, and this time I varied the crates and barrels a little from the tones I’ve used in previous sets.

Mantic Terrain Crate, Barricades

Mantic Terrain Crate, Barricades

As you can see, they’re not exactly scales as proper barricades – more in a boardgame scale, if anything. Our model here is Forlong the Fat, one of GW’s “true-ish”-scale, LotR models. Even though he’s positioned behind them and is raised by a slottabase, you van see that they’re not exactly very big as far as barricades go. I’m sure they’ll be fine as generic scatter, though.

Mantic Terrain Crate, Keg Barrels

The other pieces are much less interesting – three larger keg barrels and three sets of triple-keg barrel stacks. Dark wood here, with brassy taps. While the barricades will easily make a bit of extra colour in fantasy wargames as well as dungeon scenery, these keg-barrels are a fair bit more limited. If we ever need to kit out a tavern for a game, we’ll certainly have a well-stocked booze supply!

Monolith Conan Boardgame Chests

Finally, some chests that I made myself finish off, after they’ve been sitting around for 6 months or so. These are from the Conan Miniatures Boardgame, by Monolith. I remember some time ago in the comments, someone (Dagger & Brush, from memory) suggesting that I could paint some of the chests in a set I had in different colours to distinguish the quality of them. Rather than paint the same model chests in different colours, I decided to make these slightly more fancy coffer sculpts a little more fancy in turn when it came to their paint. Baal Pteor, also from the Conan game provides us with our scale in this shot.

I’ll have some real models painted for you all. Soon.

35 thoughts on “Mantic Terrain Crate – Barricades and Barrels, Conan’s Chests

    • Actually, things got entirely more fucked again last week as my Dad had a stroke a couple of days before we broke up for the year – hence my disappearance from posting again for almost a week. He’s in hospital now, recovering well, and hopefully being transferred to a rehab centre for a week or two as soon as a bed opens up. I didn’t mention it in the post, because the last thing I want is to come across as someone seeking a pity party, so down here in day-old comments it shouldn’t come across as attention-seeking.
      We’ll bring him some BBQ tomorrow for Christmas lunch, so he should enjoy that at least – have a good one yourself! 🙂

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      • Hope he gets better soon mate, these things are never easy. My dad is 92 and had a stroke a few months ago, a minor one thank goodness. Lots of running around at a time when we were up to our eye with other stuff that was going on. These things are sent to try us that’s for sure! Can’t get my head around BBQ for Christmas lunch! 😊

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      • Yeah, he’s been in now for just over a week and is doing much, much better – though we’re still keen on him going to the rehab centre for a little while as he lives alone, and we don’t want anything to happen to him (we’re also about to have a couple of days in the very high 30’s).

        BBQ for Christmas lunch is pretty normal out here. It’s mid-summer, after all! I mean people also do a roast or whatever as well/instead, but yeah, BBQ is a very traditional and common option for an Aussie Christmas!

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  1. Really churning out those pieces now! You must be pretty close to your target for the year right? Awesome effort again, well done. I think before the new year I’m going to get ready everything I intend to work on for that month and see what sort of impact I can make on my backlog.

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  2. Great looking scatter terrain, even though they are a bit short, I’m sure the people you game with won’t mind, as long as everyone knows from the start they count as cover

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  3. Yeah, those barricades look more like they’d fit well in 15mm or something. The varied colours really do help keep them from looking all identical, tho.

    Some of the barrels look like they’re leaking there!

    “Conan chests” sounds more like a term to describe his harem 😉 They look really cool, tho. Like they might have upholstered lids and serve as benches as well. Poor Pteor’s head still looks all wonky and out of scale 😦

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    • Thanks mate – that could be the movement-hindering rationale for them – troops need to slow down or they might trip over! The Conan chests turned out nicely. 🙂


    • Thanks mate. I find it doesn’t take much extra effort on most pieces like this, as all I need to do is essentially use a few different shades of brown/grey/etc to base coat the wood, and then the drybrush highlights and wash shading can be identical. Just pick out the metal and wash that and you’re golden.

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  4. Wow, my commenting is scattershot. Guess I missed a few posts on my phone. Anyways, nice paints on these. Love the red/regal looking chests. Not crazy about those Mantic barricades (painting is awesome), but the pieces themselves, bleh. Piled up in the first pic though, look good.

    Heh, so a usual, my mind quickly goes to the games I play….the triple barrels fit in perfectly with Blood Bowl, where you can have ‘Bloodweiser Babes’ inducements. A couple of those on the sidelines would help keep track of how many ‘kegs’ you bought. I think they are one use…so back to the box as they are used. I’ve been eyeing different barrels or server models for that reason.

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