Conan’s 3D Scenery Adventure Pack …finished

Monolith Games Conan board game 3D Scenery Adventure Pack

Conan’s 3d Scenery Pack – Complete!

Remember back in January 2017 when I finished some barrels from the Conan scenery pack?

Monolith Games Conan board game 3D Scenery Adventure Pack Barrels

…and here are Conan’s Barrels.

…and then a short while later. In December 2018 (only a short 2 years there) when I finished the Chests from the same pack?

Monolith Games Conan board game 3D Scenery Adventure Pack Chests

Conan Kickstarter Adventure Pack

Well here we are in July 2020 (a mere 18 months later) and I’ve spotted the box sitting in a pile on the floor and wondered what my damn fool problem was, and then smashed them out over a couple of days. Now, while these were not on the Tray nor are they part of a game I’m actively playing, I decided that taking a small amount of time while working on other models to finish these and throw the box into the recycling was a worthwhile trade-off and justification. So I did that.

Monolith Games Conan board game 3D Scenery Adventure Pack Sarcophagus


Monolith Games Conan board game 3D Scenery Adventure Pack Skull Piles

Skull Piles!

Monolith Games Conan board game 3D Scenery Adventure Pack Tanning Hide Rack

Tanned Hide – Furry Side!

Monolith Games Conan board game 3D Scenery Adventure Pack Tanning Hide Rack

Tanned Hide – Smooth Side!

I decided against basing any of the pieces aside from the hide tanning rack so they could be more versatile and used as detail scatter terrain in a range of games – and also because I don’t know how they work in the Conan game, which I haven’t yet played. I did base the tanning rack because the model was wonky as fuck and needed to be reset via Hot Water anyway, and so gluing it down to a base gave it a stability it didn’t otherwise have at all.

Monolith Games Conan board game 3D Scenery Adventure Pack

Here’s the new stuff that I just painted, collected. Exciting, eh?

34 thoughts on “Conan’s 3D Scenery Adventure Pack …finished

      • Yeah, or maybe it is a cunningly devised trap/alarm system. If someone comes along and moves one of the skulls (or perhaps there is a trip wire?), the whole thing comes clattering down and makes a great noise. Now that I think about it, I’m going to have to make a note of that because I think it would be something good to put into a D&D adventure.

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      • Come to think of it, perhaps I came come up with a couple of traps and put them into D&D 5th mechanics for a small “article” for The Dragon Egg Gazette. Perhaps, if you don’t mind, I can include some of your pictures in the article?

        Liked by 2 people

      • I see! And then the only way to not set of the trap is to have a presisely-weighted bag of sand and swap it out in one deft gesture. Just beware of the giant, rolling rock that it all sets off!
        And no problem – more than welcome to use my images. 🙂


  1. Great work on the scenery pieces, they look great and very versatile in a multitude of settings, the basing of the hide looks excellent.
    Thinking of running a scenery painting/modelling event in July and August to help motivate clearing those pesky scenery projects if your interested

    Liked by 4 people

    • Thanks Dave! They should be useful for a few different things aside from Conan. 🙂
      As for a scenery challenge in July and August, I’ll be down for something for sure. Which reminds me I need to post up for Jewel of July this weekend!

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Nice work banging those out! I really like the fur pelt as it has a nice texture, though the pile of skulls is suitably grim as well. It seems like most terrain pieces like this are a bit of a chore but they really do help bring the game to life when you have them painted up nicely. These could be decent props to have around for various fantasy themed photos as well 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    • Oh I wish! There’s five big, painful parts of the Crashed Aquila Lander taking up more of the remaining Tray Real Estate than anything else rihgt now… groan.


    • Thanks Mark. It was a piece that looked like it would be a pain but was actually really easy to get done. One thing was I thought it was broken and I’d need to fix it, but it wasn’t quite – and the hot water trick got it to a point where it wasn’t a problem.

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  3. Sweet, sweet, sweet terrain, my man! Lots of cool stuff to look at here. And again, showcasing your talent in tackling different textures in animal hide, metal sarcophagus, and skulls. Really liking that sarcophagus. The weathering on it is pretty amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Faust! I had a first go on that kind of aged bronze for a project for someone else a month or two before the tiny sarcophagus. I’ll put some pics up on here of it a bit later, once I clear the mini-painting pic backlog!

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