Anyone want some old Warhammer Miniature Boxes?

I’m cleaning up, and as it happens, I’ve got tons of old (mostly Warhammer and related) figure boxes that I’ve kept since the late 80’s, 90’s through to today. There are too many of them taking up too much space, and so one way or another – they’ve got to go! The photo above is just some of them. Sizes range from the little ones, through to the larger ones that Rhinos and stuff fit into.

Now, I’m not trying to sell them, but by the same token, I’m not posting them around the world for free, either. I’m also not going to spend hours going through each and every box of boxes to make a list so people can select one or two. Sorry, I don’t have that much spare time these days.

What I will do is happily sort them by general theme if people ask for something (ie “marines” “orks” etc) and then send them to interested parties at the cost of postage & packaging. (Warning, Australia Post isn’t the cheapest – by far.)

It would have to be via PayPal “gift” or whatever it’s called, because I’m not leaving myself open to potentially being screwed, nor the entirely trustworthy postal services. Anyone who wouldn’t trust me with some money to send them some empty boxes probably shouldn’t be considering sending me money in the first place.

Most still have their foam insets or plastic bubble-divider inserts. Those are in highly variable condition since I’ve used them to store my models for years until I recently moved a lot of figures to plastic storage boxes from hardware stores. The boxes are mostly in good nick, but they vary from still having the plastic shrinkwrap on them to a bit beaten up, and some have masking tape labels on one side from when I stored my models in them.

I have no idea if anyone or many people would be interested in these, so I’m going to give preference to people I know via the blog, if they want them/any.

If nobody wants any of these, it’s a bit of a shame, but I get it. I don’t have space for the things either! They’ll be recycled in a few weeks. And just to be 100% clear…


17 thoughts on “Anyone want some old Warhammer Miniature Boxes?

  1. I held to my boxes too for a long time but I just reached a point where they took up too much space and filled no purpose. Today I’m just pulling the sprue and stuff and toss the box straight away.

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    • I still wait until I get started (or finish) with the core of the kit. After that, some get used to store stuff in (mostly the scenery boxes because of their form) – but yeah.. I still end up with boxes to dispose of that I don’t…

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  2. Mate, go to the OldHammer group on Facebook – there are people on there that are hugely interested in this sort of thing… ok, possibly to an unhealthy degree, but I’m sure you could find a good home for a lot of these old boxes 😉

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    • Honestly mate, Facebook would be an absolute last resort. Maybe lower on the card than recycling. I hate the FB interface and FB groups just seem to be a mess of people in a giant swirl. The way I see it is I’m over here with free stuff. Anyone keen enough can just come to me.

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  3. Mate, I would also suggest on Facebook you may be able to get money for some of these. If you are not interested in that I would be interested in 2nd ed era boxes, mainly space marines, sisters, orks, eldar (not vehicles though, already have lots of those). Flattened and posted flat to Adelaide I would not need need any of the inserts………

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    • To be quite honest, I much prefer that they go to someone in this community. I’m sure some of the Oldhammerers on Facebook would love them, but I don’t really do Facebook, and I doubt that the boxes would be worth enough to make it worth my time to try and actually sell them…
      So we have a winnar!

      Heading out and on phone atm. I’ll let you know what I have shortly.

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      • Thanks mate. Mainly just 2nd ed 40k and 1990s fantasy battle (4th -6th ed) I would take anything. I would also take the Gorkamorka stuff if you are otherwise just going to chuck it as I may come up with a use for it!

        I magnetise my miniatures and carry them around on steel trays. I have this weird idea to use my old boxes to make a decoupage custom tray for them… if I get your boxes I could do one for each army….!

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