Small Scenics: Reaper Bones 4 Fantasy Scenics Fountain, Dreadmere Raft + Mantic Terrain Crate Crystal Formations.

Reaper Bones 4 Fantasy Scenics Fountain, Dreadmere Raft, Mantic Terrain Crate Crystal Formations

A long and paintful title up there, I know – but the stuff in here comes from a couple of sources, they really don’t merit three posts, and I want people searching for this stuff online to be able to see how it looks and turns out with a bit of paint on it. I know when I google models it’s always helpful when I can find painted examples of the things online.

Reaper Bones 4 Fantasy Scenics Fountain

The Fountain got painted because easy wins. I added some green above and below the water to suggest age, moss and algae, and cared enough to use water effects to add some water depth, but not enough to fitz around with finshing line and realistic water in order to make a “working” fountain. So we’ll just call this water stangnant, yet remarkably clear. Just like magic water in a dungeon, amirite?

Reaper Bones 4 Fantasy Scenics Fountain

Not a bad model. It’s made of typically crappy soft bones plastic, but at least it wasn’t warped like pretty much everything else in the “Fantasy Scenics” set. I’m sure their terrain stuff was better in Bones 3…

Reaper Bones 4 Dreadmere Raft

Next up is a raft. Nothing special at all, and once again painted because “easy wins”. This pic shows the underside of it, where I’ve again added a bit of algae-suggesting green to it. This piece came out of the Dreadmere expansion, and is made of “Bones Black” (despite being the same light grey that everything in this KS arrived in). It’s a much, much better material than the original Bonesium PVC, is harder, and took a spray primer and spray varnish. Finally! The drawback seems to be that it’s more breakable, as a couple of my larger models from the KS arrived broken. I’m still slowly doing inventory/QC of the KS because time and tediousness, but I’ll contact Reaper once I’m done and see what they can do for the broken stuff. They’re always been good in the past, at least – and more fragile material or not – it’s a mile better than the original stuff!

Mantic Terrain Crate Crystal Formations

Here we have some little crystal formations from Mantic’s Terrain Crate KS. Have I said “easy wins” enough times here? The crystals were painted with Old-GW Putrid Green (similar to Moot Green, but lighter – from the original hex-pot days), then gone over with Warp Lightning from the Contrast Paint range. Afterwards, I lined the edges with putrid green again, and then went over those lines with a really thinned yellow. It turned out okay, I think. 

Reaper Bones 4 Fantasy Scenics Fountain, Dreadmere Raft + Mantic Terrain Crate Crystal Formations

Here’s a second group shot that is also a scale shot. Because I realised there was really no useful scale reference for any of these things in the previous photos. Enjoy! 

While none of this stuff is super-exciting, it’s all pretty decent and pretty versatile, fitting into pretty much any fantasy gaming setting from Warhammer to LotR to D&D, as well as grimdark 40k. The raft and fountain could even be used in some historical games, depending on the period.

22 thoughts on “Small Scenics: Reaper Bones 4 Fantasy Scenics Fountain, Dreadmere Raft + Mantic Terrain Crate Crystal Formations.

  1. Great painting as always, and nice attention to detail with the addition of the green to show algae formation on the fountain and raft. The painting on the crystals is excellent, but not a fan of the models, as they’re too regular for my taste

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  2. That is kind of you to think of the Googlers in your title! I tend to be one of those people who goes searching for examples and there’s nothing worse than seeing nobody has painted something. Props to you on those crystals as well! I bought a Necron guy with crystals a while back and was surprised how hard they are to paint well. Painting the way the light works is not as easy as I had hoped (I ended up giving up on that guy and trashing the mini) so you deserve a lot of credit on these terrain pieces.

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  3. Yeah, not much to write about, but they look good. Nice touch with the algae, altho, as you say, it looks a bit odd with such clear water in the fountain. Perhaps a sign that it has some other, possibly more sinister qualities? Also, since you did the bottom of the raft, it could be used as part of an improvised barricade or something.

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    • I can always embed some colour into it. Just check up on how much ink or wash to mix into the Vallejo clear water and then make sure it’s done in a couple of layers. And yeah, raft can be chucked into almost anywhere as some wooden log thing. 😏

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    • Sorry to tell you this John, but I’m all out of Carnivorous plant models now! I do have some mushroom people from the latest Reaper KS, though I prefer my mushrooms on skewers or on pizza, so they’re not quite at the top fo the queue. I guess it’ll depend on how well they fit into the “easy win” category once I have a proper look at ’em…

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  4. Nice job all round, I reckon those crystals would go especially well with Skaven or Necrons. Really like the water effect on the fountain too, think having water splashing around in ripples and rivulets would have overdone it.

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    • I have to admit, those two were exactly what I had in mind for the crystals. I can just place them around in convenient locations when either of those forces are involved for a little touch of green. 🙂

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