Savage Orc Shaman (1995, Alan Perry) (Awesome August + Alex’ Tale-of-AoS-Gamers Challenge)

Savage Orc Shaman, 1995, Alan Perry, Bonesplitterz, Savage Orruks

Today’s model harkens back to my first model of this year as well as an earlier challenge of 2019 that’s kinda fallen by the way. This Savage Orc Shaman (Bonesplitter Orruk Shaman?) is a model I started quite awhile ago (as always) and is now finally complete, and as a slightly fancy model, I’m ok with calling it an Awesome August submission. Another of the 1995 models aculpted by Alan perry, this is one of the range of models that took the Orky template refined by Kev Adams and kept it going strong until Brian Nelson came along a little later and cranked their savagery up to 11.

Savage Orc Shaman, 1995, Alan Perry, Bonesplitterz, Savage Orruks

I’m pretty happy with him, really. It took a long time to get done, but wasn’t one of those pain in the arse-type models. If anything, it took a long time to finish because I didn’t want to screw any part of it up. I guess, it’s also quite busy with various bits of Orky bling, so the body paint also had the potential problem of messing the figure up by making it unrecognisable, so I went somewat minimal in the end. I’d think Shamen would be caked in the stuff, if we’re being more realistic, but when has Warhammer ever been about fussing over not being realistic enough?

That’s about it, really. Look forward to me hopefully getting a few more of the actual Boyz from this range painted, maybe for Squad-friendly September, if I can manage it…

24 thoughts on “Savage Orc Shaman (1995, Alan Perry) (Awesome August + Alex’ Tale-of-AoS-Gamers Challenge)

  1. Nicely done mate – great work on the fur cape, and the warpaint is spot on. It’s enough to get the savage nature across but not so much that it confuses an already busy model. A fine balancing act, and very well done!

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  2. Very nice! I just need to check your posts after Dave and then agree completely with what he says I think! Takes all the thinking out of it! For some reason though, I now can’t shake the image of the nasty high priest in Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom out of my head, even though he wasn’t green! 🙂

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  3. Yeah, very cool middle-era sculpt, and some great work on painting it. I agree that going wild with the face paint would have been too much along with all the sculpted detail, and I think you got the balance just right there. Love the leopard skin cape.

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  4. Taking your time on this guy was well worth it, Azazel! The freehand is obviously excellent but all of the little trophies he has really catches the viewer’s eye too. Excellent work and this was yet another really fun article to read 🙂

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    • Excellent – and I’m looking forward to seeing it once you finish it. What are the others? Maybe you can motivate me to get another model painted if I happen to have one of them? 🙂

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      • I have a few of command group of the 3rd edition Ruglads armoured Orcs and the metal Savage Orc command group drummer (released around the same time as the shaman). These were all painted at the time (likely very early 90’s) and I was going to touch them up.

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      • I think I have the savage drummer, though I sadly didn’t get Ruglad’s Orcs back in the day – didn’t have the cash as a young’un for as much as I’d have liked. 😦
        Might have one or two loose, I’m honestly not sure, but I may well have a look now. It’d be fun to paint them up!


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