D&D Monster Manual 35: Mossbeard the Treeman (Reaper Bones IV)

Mossbeard the Treeman (Reaper Bones IV) Treant

Today I finally completed the flocking and tuft-work on this model – the largest model I’ve painted to date. This model is another of the Large Reaper Bones models, and one that actually dwarfs even the Mighty Goremaw and Mudgullet (as you’ll see in a couple of days). It’s from Reaper’s Bones IV Kickstarter, and doesn’t appear to be on sale on Reaper’s site, though it shares a name with a much smaller ent/treeman model. It’s obviously based on an Ent from Lord of the Rings/Middle-Earth, or more copyright-acceptably, a Treeman (as imaginatively described by GW), or a Treant (as described by Dungeons and Dragons, and every other fantasy IP who followed their lead, including EverQuest, Warcraft and an endless list of others…)

You can see why it took aseveral days just for the flocking and tufts, though! Especially in midwinter here, so temperatures aren’t the most awesome for fast drying. So the model has been sitting in front of a radiator for most of the past few days as well.

Mossbeard the Treeman (Reaper Bones IV) Treant

I finished the final touches of paint on this sucker yesterday (eyes and fungus growth) but the rest was already done before the end of the month. It did take a good four days to get all of the layers of flock and tufts onto the model, with a lot of PVA and even a bit of superglue, so I finished doing that a few hours ago. I think that due to it being done before July 3rd, I can count this as the last painted model I’m submitting for Ann’s Miniatures of Magnitude Challenge for May & June.

Mossbeard the Treeman (Reaper Bones IV) Treant

Having just typed that, though – I’ve also got another pair of D&D models that I hadn’t had a chance to post up yet. They’re from the Temple of Elemental Evil game, and even though I finished painting them more than a week ago, I wanted to finish posting the ones I’d finished painting from the Drizzt game first before moving to post the Elemental Evil models. So they got bumped, and then I started finishing these large Bones models and the Aquila. So two more posts for Ann – one for the ToEE models, and then a round-up for her challenge. Then I can get back to posting the final models I finished in June. Of which there are at least 4.

Since it’s July, I’m going to call it one for my own Jewel of July Challenge as well.

Mossbeard the Treeman (Reaper Bones IV) Treant

Sadly, this massive model didn’t fit properly into my makeshift light box. Well, it fit, technically speaking, but it was too big for my simple background or for my standard little mini-tripod that I use, so I had to use a full-sized tripod, an extra sheet of printed background, and take the pics from quite a bit further back and higher up than usual.

Mossbeard the Treeman (Reaper Bones IV) Treant

Yeah, I know. A scale should would have been great. Unfortunately, this thing is just SO large and unweildy that it was just a nightmare to photograph. And the hunched-over posture that it holds doesn’t help at all, either. There’s some sense of scale in the round-up pics I just took alongside these, so you’ll get an idea in about 48 hours from whrn this post goes up. As far as gaming goes, I had thoughts of using it in a LotR game, but it’s just SO ridiculously big that it’s actually pretty impractical. I think it’s going to make its way into a glass cabinet, and that will be that for this one. Though Age of Sigmar does have quite the large model fetish…

But you know what? It’s finished. And I’m happy about that. So it’s a win.

32 thoughts on “D&D Monster Manual 35: Mossbeard the Treeman (Reaper Bones IV)

  1. Excellent work mate, all the extra work with the tufts and grasses were totally worth it. Will keep this for reference when I finally get around to casting my Treeman

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  2. This is utterly amazing. I love all of the textures, the colors, and all the little details. Everything about it just works and I can totally imagine this big guy lumbering around in the forest. Excellent work! 😀

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  3. That might just about be the coolest treant I’ve seen. Really digging his moss beard!

    Not sure why, but I have such a problem desaturating my browns. You’ve got a really nice bark tone going here.

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    • Cheers, Fredrik – I know what you mean about desaturating the browns as well – it’s always tricky since so many of the paints are so rich. I used a couple of Vallejo Model Colour browns as my core paints for this – sadly, the printed names have worn off the labels over the years, so I can’t even twll you which ones I used – which is going to suck when I need to replace them!
      The mixer tones for the highlights were Vallejo Bonewhite, VMC Sky Grey, and just regular white, to keep the desaturated and dry look to the colours.


  4. Superb stuff mate, I love what you’ve done with him – I find that great big beasties can lack a bit of character sometimes, but your additions really add to the character on this big fella!!

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    • Thanks Argent. I really wanted to give it enough different textures and colours to look interesting but not so many that it was overdone. Lots of pauses once I added some more with the “do I stop here?” question over and over..


  5. Well mate I don’t use the word Awesome very often ,only when I am awe struck and that what I was when I saw this amazing creature, well done mate I know what you mean about drying at this time of the year as I have had the same problem with the water on the Swamp!, bloody winter!

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    • Thanks Pat – that’s super kind of you to say, especially given the amazing dioramas and scenes that you’re always setting up. I’m really wishing we could fast forward to the end of this year – both for summer and everything else going on!

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  6. Really, really nice work on this guy. This probably won’t surprise you but I love ents and I feel that other than the Treebeard model, GW has never really done right by the ents in MESBG. This guy really is impressive and I can see why he took so long to finish. For a Reaper sculpt, the level of detail looks pretty darn good and as others have said, the flocking is magnificent and makes him look very lifelike. Absolutely sensational work and something to be very proud of! 🙂


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