Night Goblin Shaman 075418/4, (Kev Adams, 1995)

Night Goblin Shaman 075418/4, (Kev Adams, 1995), Gloomspite Gitz

I guess I probably have to go through all of my old Night Goblin model popsts and add the Gloomspite Gitz tag. Well, I will at some point, but not today. I also see I need to free a bunch of those posts from those dickholes at Photobucket, so I guess I’ll do both tasks at once.

Night Goblin Shaman 075418/4, (Kev Adams, 1995), Gloomspite Gitz

Flames have been a common motif on models I’ve painted recently, and that’s going to continue for some time – especially as I contonue compleitng models that have been started at various times over the last two or three decades. On this model I went with yellow flames on red cloth, echoing what I did a few months ago with the “Gift Goblin”. I figured that it works for a Shaman, who can do what they want much more than the average grot, and also because I liked how it looked on the other model. Not every Shaman will have this sort of thing, but on some it works nicely to maek them out. I guess I could do the same with purples and a few other colours instead of red and it’ll also look nice.

Anyway, this model took me ages (years) to get through and once again, thanks again to the Tray, it’s done! Yay!

17 thoughts on “Night Goblin Shaman 075418/4, (Kev Adams, 1995)

  1. Excellent work on your Goblin Shaman, I like the red and yellow colour scheme, makes him stand out really well, and frames the green skintone really well

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  2. That’s a great mini. The colours look great and make a change from the usual black/blue/purples. It’s seeing minis like this that make me wish I’d at least checked out the fantasy figures rather than blindly sticking to 40k back in the 80s/90s.

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    • Cheers, Mut – I admit I also went hard on the 40k and minimally in Fantasy by the time the mid-90’s rolled around, though I did keep all the best figures I’d picked up before that, and occasionally got some of the mroe appealing ones through that time. I got a lot of my “Middlehammer” models secondhand during and since that time rather than new of the shelf – many of these 4th-5th Ed O&G models were from a mate’s unpainted army I bought off him and added to my own mostly-3rd-ed-force, and similarly most of the Empire models I own were picked up secondhand as well.

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  3. I love this one. It’s comparatively unusual to see this chap wearing anything other than black robes so the colour choice alone makes them quite interesting. You’ve done a terrific job on the skin tone here.

    I wonder if I still have one of these sculpts in a box somewhere…

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    • Thank you, AB! I ended up going with the red just after seeing how I liked the other goblin I did previously turned out, and as a Shaman he gets to be a little bit special. Would love to see your take on the model as well! 🙂

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  4. He looks great and I like the flames on his hood like others have said above. The old goblin sculpts really do have a lot of character to them. I wasn’t that impressed by what GW created relatively recently for goblins in Age of Sigmar but seeing this is making me think I should give those a second look and see if there is one in there I wouldn’t mind painting 🙂

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