Never look a gift goblin… (Orctober ’19, Neglected October ’19)

Plastic WHFB Night Goblin

Just a single model today once again. Because I lost a few days of significant paint time to computer reconstruction on top of the usual committments, I wasn’t able to do my usual and finish a bunch of figures through the week/on the weekend to set up a few days worth of posts by the Sunday a week ago. And then I completely lost my blogging mojo for awhile as per usual, my opportunity to have a quiet, restful day where I mostly paint without anyone or anything bothering me was once again not possible last weekend. I sure bitch a lot here lately, don’t I?

Plastic WHFB Night Goblin

Anyway, speaking of Other People, someone in my family who I haven’t seen for awhile asked me to paint a miniature for her some time back. More specifically, they asked me to paint “one of your little models, a monster – but cute”. Well, that left few choices really, and so I went with a Night Goblin that I had already assembled. As per usual, it took me some time to get much done on it, and as is so often the case, the month’s challenge gave me the little push I needed to spot the figure, slap some paint on it and go “sod it, now it’s done”.

Since the model isn’t for any form of tabletop, I mounted it on a slightly-scenic resin base, and didn’t worry about the typical Night Goblin scheme, instead opting for red with yellow flames. As it turns out, it’s quite similar to the goblin on the Ravening Hordes army list cover for WHFB 6th Edition. My thoiught was simply to be a bit more colourful, as befits a display-oriented model. Anyway, the model is a goblinoid, it’s done, and now I’ve finally finished an actual greenskin for Orctober!

(though still not technically, an actual Orc…)

28 thoughts on “Never look a gift goblin… (Orctober ’19, Neglected October ’19)

  1. Hope life eases up for you soon mate, it can seem a bit much at times. Excellent looking gift, really like the bold colour choices on the Night Goblin, makes the green pop more

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  2. Sorry to hear about your lack of hobby time and real life complications. I have missed your posts as well but at the same time, don’t sweat being low on motivation. Sounds like taking some time and painting is what you need more than updating the Bitz Box at the moment. I hope things ease up for you and plenty of relaxation is in your future!

    As far as the Gobbo goes, he looks great and I like the robe pattern you chose. It is perfect for a one-off mini like this and gives him a lot of character. The sculpt of the face is top-notch and really brings back my nostalgia for old Warhammer. I have a feeling your family member is really going to like this gift 🙂

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    • Thanks Kuribo. I’ll get a few posts queued up and then dip in and out of comments and catching up on the many people I follow, with a bit of working on the round-ups on the side, though I’ll certainly be prioritising the painting part for a little while.
      I’m aiming for an “everyone leave me the fuck alone”-themed weekend this weekend. Wish me luck! 😉

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    • Well, the skin is pretty much ther same as an Orc. Some people (including myself) usually paint the skin a little paler/brighter than orcs. Clothing is typically black, but of course you can just do whatever you feel like! 🙂

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  3. You couldn’t find a better bunch to bitch to mate as they all seem pretty understanding !
    and a good choice for the gift it looks good, so keep the pecker up ,eh may be I should have said chin !

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  4. I figured it was something like that behind your absence. The gobbo certainly does look cute, and yeah, that colour scheme is a bit of a blast from the past there.

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  5. I had a bleak blogging period at the start of the year. Ironically, it was mega busy in terms of stuff I was doing – I ended up playing tournaments in three countries! – but none of that made it onto the blog at the time, and now I can’t remember half of what happened…

    When I’m busy with new stuff I want to talk about what I’ve recently done, and I never quite find the time to go back and talk about some of the coolest gaming experiences of the past few years. Weirdly frustrating.

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    • Yeah, I feel you there – when life is busy with a lot of stuff – good or bad, then there can be little time for blogging, particularly on any kind of regular basis. International travel can certainly be tyhe sort of thing that makes a big impact, as well! 😉
      – and thanks!

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  6. He is indeed cute, and wonderfully grumpy looking to boot. He looks like some wandering adventurer has just told him he looks cute and now he’s doing his best to look intimidating and not quite pulling it off. Good work on him – always nice to see something different done with Night Gobbos. Take care of yourself man – hope everyone leaves you in peace this weekend 🙂

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    • Thanks, Wudu. Sounds like a feasable narrative for that gobbo actually, given his expression! I managed to avoid f2f with people this weekend, though there were still a few more texts than I’d hoped. Still, got some painting done, some gymming done, some gaming done (Outer Worlds) and a few things finished, so all in all – not too bad a weekend, after the false alarm life or death emergency that it started with, at least. (Second one for the week – fucking yay!)

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  7. That turned out really nice! I could imagine there being a tribe living around a lava cave and adopting such robes. Or a tribe subjected by the Chaos Dwarfs? I started a Snow Goblin a long time back and never finished it. Hopefully this will serve as an inspiration for alternative Night Goblin colour schemes and I manage to paint it up this winter.

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    • Yeah, it’s a completely feasable and legit scheme for Night Goblins (or Loonspire Gitz, or whatever…) I’ve gone with a more traditional black for most of mine, but I could certainly see doing a unit or two in the more blinged-out red. Your snow goblins sound like quite a cool concept, so I’ll be keen to see what you do with them!


  8. What a fun fig, and you did your usual spectacular job on him. I wanted to get an Ork done this month, but my other tasks have also hurt. Plus trying to find a job. If you allow, maybe my Frankenstein’s monster can count for Orktober?

    Anyways, hope life gets better – it will of course. All the best.

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