Last Night on Earth Hero Pack 1 Survivors: Stacy, Investigative Reporter & Victor, Escaped Prisoner

Last Night on Earth Hero Pack 1 Survivors: Stacy, Investigative Reporter & Victor, Escaped Prisoner

Back to the Last Night on Earth survivor models today with a pair I managed to paint pretty quickly over just a couple of days. Stacy was one of the many figures I considered and had aside as potential models for Fembruary, but with all of the Shieldmaidens, I ran out of time. Still, with Ann’s Neglected But Not Forgotten challenge being a current thing, I had an active impetus to get her done anyway. Aside from, you know, wanting to complete all of the LNoE models and get some games in again. I also plucked out another figure from the LNoE pile – Victor. And it had nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that he already had his pants base coated and shaded, and is a pretty simple model to paint. Nosireebob. But again, very much Neglected, so he also fit perfectly.

Last Night on Earth Hero Pack 1 Survivors: Stacy, Investigative Reporter & Victor, Escaped Prisoner

I think Stacy is supposed to be carrying a notepad, as LNoE is set in a kind of vague time-space, and that’s what reporters carry, but I decided to bring her into a slightly more modern timeframe and painted it as a Rose Gold (because what else?) tablet. Complete with a pile of app icons. Mostly to see if I could make it look good, and amuse myself in attempting to do so. Both of these models also qualify for Ann’s “Neglected But Not Forgotten” painting challenge. As does, honestly, most of what I paint…

Anyway, more survivor types and monsters to come!

25 thoughts on “Last Night on Earth Hero Pack 1 Survivors: Stacy, Investigative Reporter & Victor, Escaped Prisoner

  1. Nicely done. I agree with Dave and I also like Stacy’s notepad. Poor Victor in his prison orange looks like he just busted out, no doubt the pistol used to belong to a hapless guard.

    I hear you on having a pile of neglected models. I certainly do myself!

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      • You’re very welcome. I’m glad that the challenge is helping you work on your survivors. It would certainly be sad to get eaten by a zombie but sadder still to get eaten by a zombie without even having a paint job.


    • Ha! I guess that’s the main difference between a regular reporter and a zombie apocalypse reporter. Though now I think of it, I might have the reporter from the Copplestone-sculpted Grenadier Future Warriors range somewhere…


  2. Awesome job on these. I know a bunch of female reporters who’d be delighted to take a bloody great wrench on assignments 🙂 Great job on Victor’s shaved head and I love the orange prison overalls.

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    • Thanks mate! The wrench is a lot more zombipocalypse, but does limite the figure a little. I really am going to have to see if I can find the Copplestone ones now. I hope I actually have them!

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  3. These both look great! For my money, putting as much life as you can into the minis for a board game really pays off. Maybe it is because you don’t have terrain to put on the board/table but regardless, these two should help bring the Zombie apocalypse to life in your games.

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    • I’ve found that having nicely painted minis for a board game (that uses minis) does really make it more fun. The value and power of an aesthetic bump, I guess!
      Longer-term, all these survivors and a lot of the more modern-and-urban terrain and vehicles will be able to be used in Last Days, which we picked up awhile back.

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      • That’s a good use for them, I would say. I’ve been thinking about getting Last Days and using it for Fallout terrain I plan on making in the nearish future. If you play Last Days, you’ll have to let me know how you get along with it!

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      • It’s a pretty easy pick up – just a book or three and it’ll allow for a lot of games. Do you still have your Walking Dead stuff? If so, combine that with the Fallout stuff and you’re golden!


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