Zombicide Survivors “Cat” (Catherine Bach as Daisy Duke from The Dukes of Hazzard) & “Dylan” (Paolo Parente guest artist pack)

Zombicide Survivors “Cat” (Catherine Bach as Daisy Duke from The Dukes of Hazzard) & "Dylan" (Paolo Parente guest artist pack)

Back to the Zombicide survivors – after painting the pair of Last Chancers, I was enthusiastic enough to keep painting those Zombicide models, and so I was able to once again paint a pair of models that I’d otherwise been avoiding.

Zombicide Survivor “Cat” (Catherine Bach as Daisy Duke from The Dukes of Hazzard)

First up, the model based on Catherine Bach from The Dukes of Hazzard. They really did follow the pose on the reference photo below, but I do think that the Zombie version of the sculpt is quite good – giant cleavage aside, the pose captures the feel of a “psycho-runner-zombie” really well, I think.

So here’s another good example of a model in a skimpy outfit that I’m broadly fine with, as this particular outfit of Daisy seems to have been a common one from the show (I never watched it, and I was too young to care while it was on TV in the background as a child) – and of course those shorty-shorts even today have taken on and kept the name of the character. Though it’s probably worth noting the cleavage increase from the photo of Catherine, to the artwork of “Cat”, through to the sculpt of “Cat” – even though we all know the value of exaggeration in 28mm/32mm models, but this does still prompt an /eyeroll…

Zombicide Survivor “Cat” (Catherine Bach as Daisy Duke from The Dukes of Hazzard)

Painting the shorts wasn’t too difficult, but the photo and character choice meant that I needed to try and replicate that red lumberjack shirt. Given the size of this model, I’m pretty satisfied with how it came out. I’ll have to do a side-by-side of these models with some GW models shortly…

Zombicide Survivor "Dylan" (Paolo Parente guest artist pack)

From Paolo Parente, we get another sexy pin-up style character, which Iguess is okay, since that’s his thing and there’s nothing particularly wrong with that. There’s a kind-of Rosie The Riveter thing happening here, I guess – and the bio (I just saw it while getting the ref picture) paints a portrait that seems to be a reference to Pamela Anderson’s character on Home Improvement (another TV show I’ve never watched!)

“Measure twice, cut once!”

Dylan was working as the on-stage assistant for a popular home improvement show sponsored by a major power-tool company. Mainly on the set for eye-candy, she was, in fact, handier than both the star and his bearded assistant. When the zombie apocalypse hit, she was on stage, watching the star do his usual grunting comedy routine while trying to keep him from losing a finger by mishandling a circular saw. By the end of the first day of zombie apocalypse, she discovered fighting off coworkers’ grabby-hands with power-tools had been perfect training for battling against groping undead hordes. Now she roams the streets using her construction skills to help other survivors. She is still always thrilled to meet a fan, provided they keep their hands to themselves!

So I guess that bio explains why she started the apocalypse dressed like that, and presumably also why she hasn’t managed to find a full-length pair of pants since then!

Zombicide Survivor "Dylan" (Paolo Parente guest artist pack)

Anyway, the Zombie version seems to have entiely lost her shirt and just has her busty self under the short overalls. I was fine with that, since it meant that I didn’t need to paint yet another check shirt…

Marouda pointed out that the model reminded her (and then me) of that old music video – you know the one! We tracked it down using a few key search words, and in honor of horny old Paolo are sharing it with you here. It was such a subtle time in the early 2000’s. Then again – this was a long time before Game of Thrones became the hottest show on TV…

18 thoughts on “Zombicide Survivors “Cat” (Catherine Bach as Daisy Duke from The Dukes of Hazzard) & “Dylan” (Paolo Parente guest artist pack)

    • Thanks Faust! It wasn’t super hard, it was mostly just keeping my concentration up on the check shirt patterns. I’m happy with how the denim is slowly progressing, though.

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  1. Haha! Marouda is spot-on with the Benny Benassi connection. As a fan of electronic music, I do enjoy that song, even if the video is silly to say the least, and I’m not ashamed to admit it! 🙂 Getting back to the minis, I think you did a great job painting the shirts on both. Its not easy to do freehand on that kind of surface, to be sure! I think you did a great job bringing the inspiration for the characters to life too. I immediately knew who Cat actually was because of your painting skills!

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    • It’s certainly a catchy tune. Having re-watched that clip a couple of times in the last week, I honstly think it’s got to be equal parts tittilation but also taking the piss in it’s over-the-top silliness. Kind of winking at you in with the joke while showing power-tool-jiggling booty girls.
      I’m happy the shirts are done on the pair of them. These zombicide figures have certainly been good for forcing me to paint different schemes I wouldn’t have otherwise tried/gotten to/needed/had any reason to paint.

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  2. Mate, that track tickled my nostalgia bones 😂

    Great job again on those two, especially Daisy’s shirt – sadly, I do remember her and her brothers tonking around in the General Lee & sticking it to Boss Hogg every Saturday afternoon 😁

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hahah, we then thought of the other, similar track with the cloned band girls in the skimpy green “Napoleonic” style uniforms (which I guess are normal band outfits in the US) and THEN last night I recalled the third one in that genre’s trilogy – the one in the 80’s-themed workout class! 😂
      Thanks on the shirt – hopefully there won’t be many more of those in the hear future, though!

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    • Thank you! As long as I can keep some interest in painting them there’s no end of them in sight for awhile yet so there should be a few more in the near future…


  3. Stunning work on all 4 mate, the freehand work is excellent. as for the sculpts exaggerations there is no helping some people ! remember both those shows, so can easily see the source material, but think the zombivor version of Dylan has dropped four cup sizes from her survivor version.
    I had happily forgotten that video, need to go and play something heavy to get it out of my head now ! LOL

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    • Thanks Dave, and you’re certainly welcome on being reminded of that catchy clip. 😂 I have it running in my head right now – and now YOU do again, too! (you’re welcome!)
      I think the angles on Dylan’s Zombivor photos are misleading, she’s easily as busty or even slightly larger than the survivor version, just the lack of shirt and the blood spatter has …detracted from her size on the actual sculpt.

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  4. Excellent work on the two characters and their doubles in zombie version: in addition to the clothes, the rendering of the living and dead skin is very likely.
    The eldest of us (R) remembers Catherine from “The Dukes of Hazzard” well when the show was shown on TV in Italy during his childhood – even if the sexy aspect was completely ignored, given his too young age. Evidently Paolo Parente must have been older when he saw the show, and this last aspect must have remained firmly in his mind! 😉

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