Dark Imperium, Dark Vengeance

Not really a content post today as much as a SUPPLY DROP! one. – Part 1 of my 8th Edition stuff – the Dark Imperium boxes arrived, finally. I’m expecting Part 2 (Indices, dice, ruler, etc) and Part 3 (Forge World Indices, HH Book 7, transfers, some models, etc) in the next day or two. Don’t worry – I won’t be posting about each and every new toy that I get. And yes, I will be figuring out a way to sell a few spare rulebooks locally for less than the retail price.

With 8th coming, I dug out my DV boxes a couple of weeks ago. I’d decided to finally get the Dark Angels I’d accumulated over the last few years painted. Starting with the starter box models. The Chaos models have been put aside for now, but will make up the core of a solid force of Word Bearers with a few being siphoned off to other Legions.

Instead of painting at work during my lunch break, this is what I’d been doing for the past few weeks. Mould line cleaning! I figured it might be the kind of tedious-at-home job that could be bearable at work in short bursts while listening to a podcast or something, and luckily – I was right. This how I started getting through the few extra squads I’d eBayed before getting out the DV boxes. Yes, they sat sealed for years since 6th and 7th were not friendly to returning players. I won’t go on and on, I’ve made my opinion on 7th well known by now.

Here’s part of the production line. Weighting down the 32mm bases with washers before clipping the slottas off the DV models, and then gluing them down. I’ll end up with at least a Battle Company for starters – probably two. I’ll get to the Ravenwing and Deathwing components later. In the meantime, I’ve been going through the rebasing process for my existing DAs, moving them from 25s to 32s, and needing to build a bunch of extras to bulk out my old squads from 7 and 8 marines to 10s.

I’ll have some actual painted and finished models from the DA army soon. While I’m working on those, I can start figuring out how to distribute the Primaris marines amongst my Astartes armies. I won’t be doing a “Primaris Army”, but splitting them amongst my other forces instead.

9 thoughts on “Dark Imperium, Dark Vengeance

      • I’m impressed by your ambition. I think the biggest hurdle will be to accept a lower than normal standard. I have problems doing that, that’s why it takes forever for me to paint anything.

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      • I think the most ambitious part of it might be that I’m hoping to do them with only a small, or even a generally-indistinguishable drop from my other Greenwing DA. 😉

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  1. Dark Imperium BOXES? Not 1 box, not 2 boxes but 4? PLUS other 8th Ed Stuff PLUS Dark Vengeance boxes?? You are nothing but ambitious and knowing you you’re perfectly capable of pulling this craziness off to a very high standard!

    (Btw thank you for reminding me of idea of adding washers under the bases for stability/weight. Just about to start my Orks for SWA and this will help!)

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    • You down with O.C.D.? Yeah, you know me
      You down with O.C.D.? Yeah, you know me
      Who’s down with O.C.D.? – Every last homey

      Ahem. My biggest cockblocks right now are rebuilding the site after photobucket, stopping me from mould line removal on all those plastic DAs. I’ve got a few to fill out my existing squads that will serve as guinea pigs for my new “speed” technique (crosses fingers).

      I’ve seen some nice work on a couple of people’s blogs in kitbash/converting the Primaris to spec. One guy on Dakka clipped the shoulder pads off to replace them with chapter-specific ones, and Agis has done some fantastic work adding BA bling to his guys.

      So I’m probably going to try both. But I want to try and get the Greenwing out of the way first. Mostly. Hopefully.

      Washers are great. I used to use coins, but then they discontinued 2 cent coins so I had to go with more expensive washers instead…

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