Chronopia: Sons of Kronos Hunter, Barbarian and Blade Maiden.

Chronopia Sons of Kronos Hunter, Blade Maiden, Barbarian Heartbreaker Models, HM1058 Brabarian Fighters II, Harlequin Miniatures, Black Tree Design, Kev White

Here’s a triad of Chronopia models, all from the Sons of Kronos faction.

Chronopia Sons of Kronos Hunter Heartbreaker Models

Another of the models I’ve recently completed was this guy – who some googling tell me is a Hunter from the Sons of Kronos range of models from the sadly-departed Chronopia game of the 1990’s. There were some real corkers amongst that range, but sadly at the time I didn’t have the funds to buy all of the models that I’d have liked to. I did pick up a few figures which I occasionally insert into the paint queue (sorry Chronopia Collectors – they’re not for sale!)

Chronopia Sons of Kronos Hunter Heartbreaker Models

Chronopia Sons of Kronos Hunter Heartbreaker Models

I started on this guy alongside the three Citadel F3 Barbarians that I completed earlier this year, but in the final run, the Citadel guys got completed while the Chronopia guy got put to one side temporarily. Now he’s reunited with his fellows.

Chronopia Sons of Kronos Blade Maiden, Barbarian Heartbreaker Models, HM1058 Brabarian Fighters II, Harlequin Miniatures, Black Tree Design, Kev White

Quite a few years ago in 2011 – the early days of this blog, I painted this pairing of Chronopia Kronos models – A Blade Maiden and a Barbarian(?) The photos from back then are a bit rubbish, so I’ve retaken them now alongside the Hunter, as these two are now being put together with their Kronos-buddy. The different skin tones really stand out amongst the two sets of models, though with 7 years between them, it should be no surprise!

Edit: Kev White (the sculptor) and following that, commentator Dreadaxe tell me that the Barbarian sculpt on the right were done for Harlequin Games (AKA Black Tree Design), and not Heartbreaker. In fact the model is still available today in a blister called “HM1058 Brabarian(sic) Fighters II“, alongside some other models I’ve never seen before. I’m not sure what the story is there, I could have sworn that I got that particular model in a Chronopia pack, but who knows how I got a single model 20 years ago?

Chronopia Sons of Kronos Blade Maiden, Barbarian Heartbreaker Models, HM1058 Brabarian Fighters II, Harlequin Miniatures, Black Tree Design, Kev White

There’s a few other Chronopia figures to get painted and go in with them, along with odds and ends from a variety of other manufacturers like Avatars of War and Reaper, along with anything else that works, from the aforementioned GW models to Shieldwolf’s Shieldmaidens.

Chronopia Sons of Kronos Hunter, Heartbreaker Models, Citadel F3 Barbarians Oldhammer

As well as the other Chronopia models, I’ve also reunited the Hunter with the trio of F3 barbarians that I started painting him alongside.

Chronopia Sons of Kronos Hunter, Blade Maiden, Barbarian Heartbreaker Models, Citadel F3 Barbarians Oldhammer, HM1058 Brabarian Fighters II, Harlequin Miniatures, Black Tree Design, Kev White

Combined, they work well enough together for my own little group of miniatures in that kinda-Conan-fantasy-Viking-ish-Barbarian genre. The Vallejo-Frazetta models that spawned everything from Games Workshop’s Chaos Marauders to Adrian Smith’s HATE. While I’ve got any number of plastic Chaos Marauders to paint (and a couple of boxes of Marauder Horsemen now – thanks Krautscientist!) Plus the Conan Kickstarter’s contents and possibly that HATE Kickstarter coming one day, I feel like I’ll keep the overtly-Chaotic models at least somewhat separate from the more Cimmerian-looking models much of the time.

30 thoughts on “Chronopia: Sons of Kronos Hunter, Barbarian and Blade Maiden.

  1. Nice looking models! The female and the cloaked male are my fave.

    Yea, I noticed right away that the skin tone was a bit more orange. What were you using for skin back then compared to what you use now?

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    • My older “standard” way to do skin was to start with Citadel’s Dwarf Flesh, shade with Swamp Brown (or whatever chestnut-type colour was to hand), bring back up to Dwarf Flesh, then go to Elf Flesh for the highlight. I think these two might have gone to Bronzed Flesh instead of Elf Flesh, and she’s clearly got a pinkish flesh tone in her highlights as well. Vallejo has something that I’d have used there, but I forgot what it’s called.
      Now I use similar methods, but I use “sand” tones in the top highlight and use the old Citadel Combos less often. I rarely ever used Bronzed Flesh anyway, but these two being “Barbarian” types I gave it a play on the two models.
      Also with the F5 models and the Hunter, I used more brown tones than ruddy tones than I usually do to deliberately have their skin tones different to the Vikings and Dwarf Slayers I was painting alongside.

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      • Maybe VGC Pale Flesh? That’s the closest I have to a pink tone. Though I don’t have all the Vallejo paints.

        I used to have Citadels Elf Flesh. Don’t recall having Dwarf Flesh. I remember using the Elf Flesh as a base color and not really liking it. Though back then I thought I could just apply a skin color and magic would happen.

        I like Panzer Aces Flesh Base right now. With a nice light wash the color turns out pretty good.

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        • Yeah, I think it might have been Pale Flesh. Since then, I’ve basically bought all of the Vallejo flesh tones across their different ranges, and then supplement those with various browns, chestnuts (Red Brown/Burnt Cadmium Red) and a whole bunch of the bone/sand shades. And then got flesh tones and flesh washes from a few other manufacturers for good measure.

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        • I still need to find some Burnt Cadmium Red, ever since you last suggested it. Have you tried the Panzer Aces Flesh Base? I like it, but it did bubble quite a bit on my test strips, which kind of worries me.

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        • Any decent stockist of Vallejo Model Colour should have it. I’d also suggest grabbing Black Red at the same time, for a darker shade of the same part of the palette.

          I’ve ordered Panzer Aces Flesh Base. Expecting it any day now.

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        • PA Flesh Base is more on the orange side than pink. I have the VMC Black Red, but the online store I use didn’t have other one. I can probably pester them about it though. They have good prices, but sometimes their stock is a little weird

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        • Where is it that you buy from? I tend to use Firestorm Games (Cardiff, Wales) and Arcane Scenery & Models (Nottingham). Cheaper and faster to buy from the UK, even though I live in Australia. Go figure.

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        • I use
          They are in the states, which is nice. Stock quite a bit of GW and other stuff. Customer service has always been good.
          I double checked the paint app on my phone, and I did pick up the Burnt Cadmium Red at some point! I think it must have been something else you mentioned, maybe a German Brown/Red?
          I’m going to be placing another order, probably next month. A few more paints I need (yes, I “need” more paints!), and hopefully the new Chaos Pitch will be out around that time.


        • Ah, you’re in the States. Yeah, I know Minimarket. I used to buy stuff off them occasionally before the USPS jacked up their international prices to an insane level. At which point I pretty much stopped buying things from the US excepting the odd Amazon purchase.I know all about “needing” more paints.
          It’s kind of a running joke between my wife and I when I discover a new range and go all in on a ton of pots. Just had these arrive. 2 sets of each.

          I needed them as soon as I saw them.

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        • Yea, I see Australian prices some times and they just seem ridiculous. Especially when shipping is tacked on. The worst I experience is the occasional purchase from Europe. Luckily for most things there are options.

          I have to laugh at my “paint needs”, because as a ‘painter’ I should be mixing my own colors. I certainly was taught how many timed by art teachers, and I have more than enough base colors. But a big part is laziness and wanting to have the same consistency every time.

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        • Consistency and ease of painting are huge factors. We’re not painting bespoke individual pieces on canvas, we’re painting teams, armies, gangs. Many of whom wear uniforms and have uniform equipment that may be historical (and so want to match a particular hue) or fantastic – and so still want to match a particular hue (ie Ultramarine Blue, Dark Angels Green, etc) and either way – again, consistently do so. Doesn’t mean we can’t or don’t mix colours, but it’s a hell of a lot easier and quicker to have a formula to paint the things with VMC Light Orange, followed by shading the things with a mix 2 parts VMC Light Orange with 1 part VMC Amarantha Red instead of getting out out 10-pack of paints and mixing each of those things individually each time!
          Besides, new paints often equal new shades. Sometimes things you haven’t really seen before thet can give new and interesting ideas on how to use them.
          I call that working smarter. Besides, we’re dealing with small bottles and pots of paint. Buying three shades of red doesn’t save us any money off buying three of the same pot of red, and instantly gives us more options and more consistency. If one can afford it, then there’s no issue.

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        • No disagreement here. If I had to mix everything, I doubt I would ever stick with painting miniatures. Unless there wasn’t already mixed paints readily available, and in that case, I wouldn’t know any better.

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        • Speaking of paints and easy…the toddler I just spent some time inventorying paints. She would hand me a color, and I would scan the barcode with my phone. 🙂

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        • Yea, it’s called “Paint Pot”, on iPhone. Might be an android equivalent. Oh, another thing she likes to do is shake the paints, which is pretty awesome!

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    • Thanks IRO. It wasn’t until I was putting together them as a the background models for this post that I realised that their original post was so long ago, and the old photos were so awful, and that the post with them in it had been Photophucked for the last year…

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