D&D Monster Manual 58: The Legend of Drizzt – Irontooth, Goblin Champion; Goblin Cutters; Goblin Archers

D&D, Dungeons and Dragons, The Legend of Drizzt - Irontooth, Goblin Champion; Goblin Cutters; Goblin Archers

Another set of quick models today that I just started on earlier this week. The seven goblins (not dwarves) from the Legend of Drizzt D&D Adventure Board Game. Being models from the earlier boardgames, these would have been recycled sculpts from the prepaint range of the early 2000s and the quality then is what you’d expect. Shit quality.

D&D, Dungeons and Dragons, The Legend of Drizzt - Goblin Archers

With this in mind, they got the amount of care that such models deserve – the point entirely being to get them to the point of looking decent as fodder on a tabletop to enhance a boardgame. So while these models won’t be winning any awards, they’re certainly good enough to make a boardgame look good and by aesthetic extension, more fun.

D&D, Dungeons and Dragons, The Legend of Drizzt - Goblin Cutters

I also more-or-less copied the techniques and colour scheme of my Moria Goblins, since these models are about the same size and appearance style as those sculpts, as can be seen from this scale shot.

D&D, Dungeons and Dragons, The Legend of Drizzt - Irontooth, Goblin Champion; Goblin Cutters; Goblin Archers

Once again, these models are legit for Ann’s “Neglected But Not Forgotten” painting challenge.

Onto a more important point for many of our little circle of bloggers – looks like WordPress – in their infinite and constant fuckery of trying to force us all onto their new, shit editor – has nuked yet another way for us to use the Classic Editor by removing the link to the old Dashboard. Luckily, I had some already-open tabs since they updated the thing and worked out a way to continue doing so….

Go to this URL” (remove the spaces I added at the http and ://, and obviously add in the name of your own blog at the start of the actual URL)

https :// YOURBLOG.wordpress.com/wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=post&all_posts=1

Then, you should be able to follow this guide.

Let me know how and if it works for you. I’ve got my version of that URL bookmarked on my homepage….

26 thoughts on “D&D Monster Manual 58: The Legend of Drizzt – Irontooth, Goblin Champion; Goblin Cutters; Goblin Archers

  1. Well I certainly think you did a decent job on these figures despite the quality and your lack of love for them. So far haven’t encountered an issue with the latest WordPress problem you refer to but will keep an eye open for it. Why they have to fuck with this stuff pisses me right off. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

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    • Thanks TIM. Now that they’re painted (and out of the way, out of the queue) I’m alright with them. Not having to paint them anymroe is a real positivity-boost! 😉


  2. Those goblins look great mate, and would improve any gaming table, the first picture I saw I thought Moria, and then read that was your intention, so obviously worked

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  3. I think they look fine! 🙂 I really like them! One thing I noticed that WordPress appears to have done (somehow, or it could even be me) is change the font when I’m drafting a post – it looks “normal” when previewed or published though!

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    • Thanks John – fine was and is my target for many of these D&D models, so job done there I guess! 🙂
      I haven’t seen the font thing, but I’m still using the classic editor and it seems to be stable (aside from the path to it being cut off!)

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  4. I’m with Dave above, I was squinting at these trying to tell if they were Moria goblins or something else at first. I would think other than their larger heads, these will fit in really well with any existing Moria goblins you’ve got kicking around. I’d think its about time to break out some LOTR minis for a game soon 🙂

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    • Yeah, have some time off work coming up soon and one of the plans(!) is to clean up the shed so it can be used for games again. Ideally with enough table space for some actual tabletop wargames rather than just board and card games. And you’ve made me realise I don’t have a group shot of my Moria stuff so far. Something else to get onto…

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      • That is an excellent plan. I need to do cleaning of my hobby closet and get rid of stuff but I keep using COVID (and not wanting to go to the post office) as my excuse not to 🙂 I’m excited to see how many goblins you have kicking around over there. They used to be super cheap and plentiful on the secondary market so I would imagine quite a few!

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      • Yeah, stuff (including work, and also kickstarters and new games arriving) keeps clogging up the space/room. Since this post, I’ts been cleared enough to play, become clogged again, cleared again and is once again clogged – though I’ll (hopefully) be doing a more serious cull in a few weeks when I get some time off over Easter…


  5. They look good for what they are, nice job! Also thanks for the WP tip. I assume it’s only a matter of time before they nuke the final loopholes – it seems that they’re trying to push people into getting a business plan, as that allows for plugins that do the things we’re used to, like editing picture sizes and using the classic editor.

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    • Yeah, it does seem a bit that way from when they massively jacked their prices a couple of years ago. They’re really just boiling the frog on us hobbyists, though it’s still surprising that they are also turning the screws on paid accounts as well as the free ones…

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  6. The quality of the D&D boardgame minis is really not that great. I guess they have to be one piece casts in slightly rubbery material. So they basically combine the worst qualities of Classic Bones with subpar sculpts.

    That said you did an excellent job to make them look nice. Great contrast and the little pointy teeth really pop.

    In terms of the editor: Did you consider going self hosted? It is a bit of a learning curve, but you gain full control over your blog, plugins etc. I am in the process of making my one self-hosted, so if you need some pointers happy to share what I learned the past months.

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    • These models are quite old, to be fair – but yes, they are party to the requirements of being a (relatively) mass market boardgame. These older models also tend to be recycled from the D&D prepaints of the day, while the newer ones are much more often repurposed from the Wizkids/Nolzur’s range, so that instantly ups their quality a great deal
      – though still not to the level of more “boutique” boardgames’ models found on KS and the like.
      I’ve considered self-hosting the blog, but it seems like a lot of faffing about and more importantly the time committment – I can’t keep up with other people’s blogs – or as you can see here – even keeping up with my own comments, so anything that adds more time is a tricky proposition…

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      • Fair enough, it is time consuming to configure it all, manage updates and back-ups. Goes faster after a while, but you are correct. Better to invest the time in the hobby itself.


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