Minotaurs Space Marines – Apothecary Heliodorus (2e, 1995)

Citadel Space Marine Minotaurs Apothecary 40k2e Oldhammer

I’d planned to finish three specific models this past weekend, but as it happens I got distracted by cleaning the house, sorting miniatures, mowing the lawn and watching the Mae Young Classic with Marouda, so in the end I only managed to complete a single figure – this Apothecary. Despite buying this model (and all of his contemporaries) on release back in the mid-1990’s, this is the first post-RT apothecary that I’ve painted, and boy, is he one fiddly model! I thought the Dark Angels Veteran Sergeant that I finished a couple of weeks ago was saturated in detail, but this guy puts him to shame.

The model itself is an Apothecary circa 1995 or so, with a metal arm with power sword from the 3rd edition Death Company box from 1999 pinned on. Not the first of the contents of that box that have popped up in my other units… The shoulder pad is a Forge World Minotaurs pad with a cloth draped down the arm, which looks good on one hand, but obscures a bit more detail than I’d like on the other hand.

“Clean” white is a notoriously tricky colour to get right. I can see why painting dirty white (Death Guard) and weathered white (World Eaters) is so popular. Still, I thought it best to keep his armour to the traditional white and keep the accents to red with a touch of gold and silver – keeping him tied in fairly strongly with the rest of the Minotaurs.

His Narthecium was a right bloody pain in the backside to paint. There are a lot of fiddly elements on it, and wanting to achieve a neat and clean look to it while picking out all of the distinct parts took a toll on my patience.

Similarly, all of the vials on his belt (and those on his backpack) also added to the over-fiddlyness. I chose to paint his spotlight lamp in silver tones to represent it being unlit, rather than the more commonly seen bright yellow. Between the vials and lenses all over this model and the wreath on his shin and the bluish tinge of the power sword there are already quite a few colours on him and I want to avoid the “skittles” look that Space Marines (particularly HQ specialists) can sometimes start to have. That’s also why I kept the vials on his belt and backpack to a couple of tones of red with a little yellow for the sole variation. We don’t need blue and green on the vials as well.

In the end, I’m very happy with the final product, and I’m aware that I need to sort out an Apothecary for the Dark Angels as well, but I’m not massively enthused by the thought of doing another one of these guys particularly soon. I might have to give the DAs one of the Forge World sculpts instead to keep it interesting…

WAAAAGH! Pt.3: 40k Ork Slugga Boyz.

Warhammer 40k Ork Slugga Boyz

Another three Slugga Boyz today. I’d have potentially had something different to show but I ended up spending most of yesterday Spring Cleaning the house, so these three are all I have finished at the moment. The Ork on our left is fully kitted in Coffee Stain (DCU) camo, while both of his comrades wear Auscam (DPCU) on their lower half. The Boy with the chainsaw above his head has a British 2-Colour Desert DPM vest while the third Ork wears Australian “Desert Auscam” (DPDU) (v.3).

Warhammer 40k Ork Slugga Boyz

Once again, there are some fantasy Orc bits mixed in, but that’s par for the course at this stage.

Warhammer 40k Ork Slugga Boyz

Here are the Orks I’ve finished so far. Not too many (at all!) by Ork standards, being a horde army – but I’m happy with each of the models, and like the Vikings before them, each model is an individual. I’m really pleased with the way they’re turning out, especially since they were pretty much a forgotten, long-shelved project for literally over a decade. The sort of thing that you’d like to get back to but don’t think you necessarily ever will.

Finally, with everything happening in the world in the last little while, I’d just like to give my best wishes to everyone to stay safe and look after one another. We as individuals can’t do anything about NK, but having seen Harvey, Katia, Chiapas and Irma devastate so many places in the last few days, with Irma far from finished and Jose still on the way there’s been an awful lot so far but still a lot to come, so stay as safe as you can.