Analysis paralysis: A Mantic BattleZones Bunker

Awhile ago, last year, and inspired by some terrain that Dakka user “Nerdfest” had built, I decided to dig out a bunch of my Mantic BattleZone sprues from their various Kickstarters that had been sitting untouched in storage tubs for years at this point, and make something. So over a rather enjoyable winter afternoon, I put together this bunker-thing. Being winter, there was little point even thinking about spraying it, so I let it sit, though the bare, grey plastic version did get used for a few 40k games.

Once summer rolled around, I gave it a spray. Dark Metallic Charcoal for the outside, and a sort-of undercoat of white for the interior. Now, I’m not sure where to go next with this thing. Broadly speaking, I can see three main options:

  1. Drybrush it various shades of metallic, for a rather generic finish.
  2. Paint it in military/generic “boring” tones that fit into quite a few different games. Military greens, or the more generic Greys or Tans. With or without things like signage or stancilled numbers and letters and so on and so forth.
  3. Paint it in “industrial/hive world” tones. Like the blue-grey from much of the original Necromunda card terrain. Or shades of green, or rusty reds, or…? Kinda like the above, but with more “pop” and of course, things like heavy rust and hazard stripes.

Even within those, there’s plenty of choice, though. So again: Analysis paralysis. Whatever the final verdict, I’ll probably put together a smaller building (4 squares) to go alongside this one and paint it in much the same scheme.

Anyone have any good ideas?

14 thoughts on “Analysis paralysis: A Mantic BattleZones Bunker

  1. Something with more poppy colours would be nice to see. And I’m not just saying that because I have a set of similar terrain from Robogear that I’d like to paint up for use in Infinity, Rogue Stars, Rogue Trader…

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  2. I assembled most of my Battlezones buildings to look like shops (I had some laser-cut apartment blocks already). The idea was that they were pre-fab buildings (STC or otherwise, depending on the setting).

    What do you do with a shop that looks like all the others? Paint it bright colours, so that it stands out to your customers.

    Then I weathered them all, so that they looked a bit less clean.

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  3. Thanks all. Underhive definitely seems to be the most popular here, so I’m going to build a trio of structures to go fully Underhive with, while making this one a little more neutral – something that (hopefully) looks just as much at home in the Underhive as an outpost on an agri-world. (If I can pull it off!)


  4. I tend to prefer ‘muted’ color schemes for my terrain. Mostly greys, sponged with browns, greens or sometimes blues, as I see fit. But I almost never use striking colors.
    I also tend to keep all terrains usable together and to avoid painting in different schemes or ‘settings’ (i.e. Icy, desert, etc) as I need to keep terrain collection tight (already have a full closet) as they tend to eat space very quickly, so I want to be able to mix an re-use everything I own as much as possible.

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    • I know what you mean about limited space and liking stuff that can be used across as many settings as possible. With this stuff, I’ll be trying to balance a line between generic enough while still looking quite underhive-industrial. Then the specific mat and scatter terrain can help flesh it out further.


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