Celestial Lions Space Marine Tactical Squad

Assault on Black Reach Space Marines, Celestial Lions

I started painting this Tactical Squad of Celestial Lions on Christmas Day, and was originally on track to finish them before the end of 2017, but then it didn’t work out that way as I ended up busy with a bunch of other things. Still, I managed to complete the squad towards the end of January.

Assault on Black Reach Space Marines, Celestial Lions

The main reason it took so long was actually this pair – the Sergeant and Missile Launcher guy. Compared to the rest of the squad which I was able to pretty much batch paint, these two ended up being much more slowly painted individuals, due to the amount of individual fiddly bits between the pair of them. I also decided to paint the Sergeant’s right Pauldron with Imperial Fists livery – as a heirloom item from their primogenitors. In slightly battered condition.

Assault on Black Reach Space Marines, Celestial Lions

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed by now that these guys lack a squad badge on their tactical arrow. This is by design. My cunning plan is to paint another Lions Tactical squad worth of figures at some stage in the not-too-distant future, and then mix the two sets of figures together.

Assault on Black Reach Space Marines, Celestial Lions

The next 10 marines will be made of a mixture of 2nd Ed metals, multipose plastics, and maybe some FW resin/Calth plastics to give a variety of poses and armour types. I’m using 3-d printed icons throughout.

Assault on Black Reach Space Marines, Celestial Lions

When the two sets of figures are mixed together, it will remove a lot of the repetitive redundancy that they have at the moment, all being monopose push-fit figures from the Assault on Black Reach starter set. (40k 5th Edition starter, 2008). At that point I’ll either organise them into numbered squads or decide to paint a third set of 10 tacticals and really mix things up once they’re completed.

Assault on Black Reach Space Marines, Primaris Lieutenants, Celestial Lions

Here’s the completed squad alongside the two Primaris Lieutentants from Dark Imperium (40k 8th Edition starter, 2017). I’ll have to do some character models and probably a Dreadnought and vehicle – which will then place them firmly in “small playable faction” territory. I’ve got some other marines I want to finish off before I start to do that, though…

19 thoughts on “Celestial Lions Space Marine Tactical Squad

    • Thanks IRO. I guess the question (later) will be whether I paint my Stormcast in a similar tone. It’s been pointed out that the GW-standard scheme for them is almost identical to these guys, though the gold’s a bit brighter and the helms are also gold.
      …and then there’s the Custodes…

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      • It’s notsomuch about “rules”, it’s about me seeing those schemes and thinking on one hand about how I enjoy painting models in original or at least non-standard schemes vs ALSO thinking “damn, they look bloody good like that!”.
        I suspect that my Stormcast will have some (uniform) variations, since I like painting a variety of schemes, and it keeps me from getting bored too quickly.

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    • Thanks Curis. There’s enough background out there for them that I can use, but enough obscurity so that (when I get to more interesting units) I can “write” my own fluff/head-canon for them. I won’t lie though – I chose them because of their scheme, and then they got bumped to the front of the queue because of their Chapter name.


    • It’s actually quite easy, though probably a little harder to replicate. I spray-prime black, then a spray a coat of silver, then spray a coat of gold that I got a local paint shop to custom make for me (from their big book of colours). After that, wash with erm.. It’s either Agrax Earthshade Gloss or Reikland Fleshshade Gloss. I think it’s the Fleshshade. Then a subtle/careful drybrush/edging in spots with Vallejo Model Air Gold.

      It gives it a rich colour but a kind of “plasticky” finish, that I think works well with Marine Armour. I wanted it to look quite distinct from the light, brassy look that the Minotaurs have.

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    • I’m getting there but they still pale compared to the unpainted ones. I just want to knock out the half painted ones and the others I’ve started over the years. At that point I will have the royal sampler.


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