Realm of Chaos – Nurgle’s Children 2018 #5: Aly Morrison’s Original Oldhammer Great Unclean One (1988-9) Painting Decemb-uary 2017-18: Postscript 1

That bloody post title’s long enough, don’t ya reckon?

This figure is a “renovation” of the original Great Unclean One model, a figure I bought on release, finally originally started about 7 or 8 years ago, sat in limbo, then completed almost three years ago. Nominally for 40k, but with Kings of War equally (or more) in mind – given the square base.

The problem, well, the problems were that:

  1. I was never really satisfied with it. I didn’t like how I’d completed the face of the model.
  2. The base. Again, I’ve always preferred the aesthetic of round bases over squares. I didn’t have any GW-style 50mm round bases at the time either – and 40mm round was too small and 60mm round way too big – so he went on an original-size 40mm Square base.

When rebasing, I wanted to keep it in line with the later Great Unclean One, so some large chunks of slate to improve his stature (he’s looking pretty small by modern standards), and as witht he original version, a bit of a gore trail behind him.

So aside from rebasing, I also needed to add a bit more variation in tone to his flesh, rather than just being a muddy green. I added some ruddy fleshtones to him, scattered around his bulk, but also focused on knee, elbow and knuckle joints, with a little around the shoulders. I also purpled up his tongue where it had originally been red, and added the green glowing eyes that I’m using across (most of) my Nurgle daemons. Because of his smaller stature and the fact that I now have the larger 1997-ish GUO painted, this one will be used as a Daemon Prince. Which will also be the ’07 model’s eventual fate when I have an ’18 model assembled and painted…

Here’s how he looked before the renovation. Not radically different, but I feel it’s been an improvement that I’m happy with, and now I’m finally satisfied with the model. Looking at those old LaTD posts, it makes me realise there’s some other stuff I could/should pull out of that series of models to include in the updated Nurgle Daemon force. Time to go hunting…

19 thoughts on “Realm of Chaos – Nurgle’s Children 2018 #5: Aly Morrison’s Original Oldhammer Great Unclean One (1988-9) Painting Decemb-uary 2017-18: Postscript 1

  1. The sculpt itself just seems a little dated by today’s standards, but your paintjob really goes a long way towards giving the model a new lease of life. Excellent job! Depending on the model’s size, maybe he’d make for a cool Beast of Nurgle standin as well? I’ve always felt that Daemon Princes of Nurgle should look a little more different from the standard GUO template.

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    • Actually, aside from size, I feel that this sculpt stands up pretty well today – much better than most of the lesser daemons of all powers that came since the originals (though I do like the new plastics). Size-wise, he’d fit perfectly as a beast, but after some delving in my metals this weekend, it turns out that I have that entry more than in hand even without buying any of the new kits, especially so when you take the Reaper grubs into account.
      I think he’ll do fine as a DP, after all – not all of my DP models will look like mini-GUOs and it fits that at least some would take after Papa Nurgle in their appearance. Besides, being reduced to a Beast would be an ignoble end to a figure that stood so high on the food chain for so long…

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  2. Looking good. I have a foundness for this model. Especially in regard to all the bitz that were available for it, as it was rare to see two of the exact GUOs at the time. The late ’90s model had, pretty much, just two variations. But this original design, with the long ‘Mojo arms’ and sinister smile, will always be how I feel The Great Unclean One should be manifested. I have friend of mine who has a bunch of these and he is thinking about having them emerging / bursting out of the new plastic one. Like large Nurglings.
    Sadly, like you, I will likely be using mine as a Daemon Prince as well…

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    • Agreed with how good that diversity was on the original Greater Daemons – and yeah – I was lucky enough to get the parts that I wanted for this one. I may have even bought it secondhand off my mate Dave and selected the individual bits? It seems the sort of thing that he and I would have done back then.
      My only large regret regarding this model is that I only got the one back in the day, and that I never picked up a second from eBay before Oldhammer scalping became such a thing. I understand why they went to single-options later in the day with the second, much larger metals, but it was still a blow to the variation that they should have when every GD suddenly looked pretty much identical. The new plastics are a step back in the right direction though, even if they’re a little pricey…
      It would look great to have these emerging from the new plastic GUO, though I’d be wary of using the original metals for such a conversion. Perhaps casting the specific components needed (resin or even GS-press-molds) would be better for ease of conversion and weight as they surely wouldn’t require the entire models?

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  3. Great work. It’s nice to feel satisfied after a lengthy paint. Personally I have strong affection for those old sculpts, even if they don’t hold up next to the modern stuff. Anyway, get this guy on the battlefield soon !

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    • Yeah, that’s one thing that is very satisfying about my current Daemon-binge. Getting those old classic models finally painted. Well, most of them aren’t quite this old, but they’re old enough! Perhaps this time next week there’ll be enough of them to actually field a force… 😉


    • Thank you, mate – It’s still a very cool and characterful model. And I mean characterful entirely without it being a code word for dodgy sculpting. I should look for another one of these guys with different parts to have another go at it… 🙂


  4. Once again, I’m blessed by my lack of hobby action during that time period. This of course means that I get to be amazed in 2018 by this Work, and I’m a non-Warhammer/40k guy. It’s just gratifying to see your painting here, and it’s always interesting. As for basing, I always do what looks good to me, and the slate to me works. Of course, I’m still using steel washers that I work up! Nice job!

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    • Thanks Mark, I appreciate it and also the feeling is mutual. Your stuff is great and 99% composed of models I’ve never seen and would never have seen, so it’s always great to see what OPP treasure you’re resurrecting. With my current batch of armies, I’m trying to have basing that (mostly) ties in with my more generic bases but occasionally add a small twist to different forces, hence the heavy use of slate chunks and also slate mulch on these guys. Nothing wrong with steel washers! All of my plastic guys on GW bases have a steel washer underneath for heft and stability, and my Vikings are based on flat, round plastic bases that I work up just the same as you do with washers.

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