Shardwrack Spines: January Terrain 2019

Games Workshop Citadel Death World Forest Terrain Shardwrack Spines

Inspiration-credit for the models in this post goes entirely to Thomas, from High Times on the Eastern Fringe. When GW released their (apparently now discontinued as a standalone set) Shardwrack Spines kit a couple of years ago, my reaction was somewhere between indifference and thinking that they were a bit shit. Over time, I saw a few that looked decent through to good, such as the ones on Sho3box’ blog. Even then, though – I still had no interest in the kit.

Games Workshop Citadel Death World Forest Terrain Shardwrack Spines

Then I saw Thomas’ ones. And all of that changed. I thought his made what I thought was basically a shitty kit look pretty fucking amazing, to be quite blunt. Not too much later, he posted up a tutorial on how he did them, and the wheels started turning. A little while later, I bought two boxes, and then did nothing with them for a year or more. Last year (2018) I got started with the spray cans, but then got delayed for months because I didn’t want to buy two or three pots of Rakarth Flesh to do the drybrushing. Later, the Killzone: Death World Forest box came out with a few more, so I picked that kit up and then got the new ones up to the same point.

Games Workshop Citadel Death World Forest Terrain Shardwrack Spines

After we had some time, Marouda did a Bunnings run for me and matched a close-enough square of Rakarth Flesh into a sample pot of house paint, a couple of tubes of craft paint (white and when normals call “cream” and we hobbyists call “bone”) and then last week, I finally got it going – with Thomas’ instructions as my guide on the PC screen – and a couple of days later, we were done!

Clearly, these are really only of much use for Sci-Fi and Fantasy gaming rather than Historicals or more grounded gaming, but I’m good with that. In closing – thank you once again to Thomas – because of you, I now have a solidly decent-sized set of very spiky terrain. If anyone stabs themselves badly while gaming with them, I’ll be blaming you for that, too!

29 thoughts on “Shardwrack Spines: January Terrain 2019

  1. Those look pretty awesome. They make me want to do up a set using a bunch of Agrellan Earth for a cracked bark effect. And yeah, I need to pick up a Death World KZ box before they’re completely gone. The Barbed Venomgorse is only available in KT sets as well, now.

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  2. Yeah, when I first saw them I thought they were shit too. You and Thomas have really changed my mind on them though – you’ve got them looking excellent (and honestly I would have previously thought that was impossible!)

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    • They work well with and incorporated into the Stylite bases. Turns them into something completely different. Much more Mortal Kombat!

      Thomas’ dry scheme here also really changed them up for me visually, reminding me of the Blades Edge Mountains in WoW, though with a blue-purple twist.

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  4. Sweet, look really nice. The stabby part is kinda funny…don’t know how many times I have stuck myself whilst assembling Blood Bowl minis. Very rarely that ever happened with the old stuff I was used to….but probably a good thing, as lead injections are not the best.

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