Realm of Chaos – Nurgle’s Children 2019 #18: Plague Toads (again) (Forge World)

Forge World Nurgle Daemon Plague Toads

Today – Miniatures! Here’s the final three of my Plague Toads. This trio bringing me to nine painted ones. This batch being the “yellow” ones, following on from the “brown” ones and the “green” ones. And yeah, I know I need to do a new Nurgle army shot sometime soon.

Individual glamour shots of each of the three, though I skipped the profile and rear shots this time. Perhaps I went a bit conservative on the “glow” from their yellow-green eyes this time as well, but I think they still stand up decently.

You can see what I mean about it it here. It’s there, but it’s subtle. Perhaps too subtle to stand out on the tabletop.

Ah well. I’m just happy to finally have the last* of these done finally!

The nine of them, with their colour coding can be used as three distinct units of three, or they can all be put together to make up a mega-sized unit of nine Plague Toads!

*of course, I didn’t say anything about Pox Riders!

14 thoughts on “Realm of Chaos – Nurgle’s Children 2019 #18: Plague Toads (again) (Forge World)

    • Cheers, Dave. I hope to get cracking a little more on this Nurgle Daemon project this year. I dunno if I’ll get them finished without going all-Nurgle for my model painting, but I’ll certainly have some more done!

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  1. Excellent! Altho a bit of a bummer to me, since I still haven’t finished the three I have.

    I think the glow around the eyes is probably about right. I suspect that at tabletop distance, it will be sort of subconsciously noticeable, but not overly blatant. And yeah, seconding Pete’s call for a shot of the full 9.

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  2. Oh man, guess I overlooked these, thinking I had seen them before. Well, I had, just in different colors! Still looking good though, and I think the glowing effect on the eye turned out just right.

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