̶K̶h̶o̶r̶n̶e̶ ̶E̶n̶d̶l̶e̶s̶s̶ ̶S̶p̶e̶l̶l̶ Judgement of Khorne: Bleeding Icon (June ’19 Terrain Challenge)

Khorne Endless Spells, Judgement of Khorne: Bleeding Icon

Don’t call it an Endless Spell! Khorne hates spells and magic users! But how can we then achieve parity with the other factions for Khorne? Also, how can we sell players some cool looking endless spell models? Better rename them to something else! Uh… Judgements of Khorne? Ok, job done! So there’s yer backstory.

As for the actial name for this piece… Bleeding Icon? Sounds a bit wussy-Catholic for Warhammer. Bloody Icon would sound a bit better (though still sounding quite Catholic, it’s far less wussy). Maybe it didn’t get the name because it’s too close to light British (and associated) English profanity – as in “Bloody Hell” “Bloody Crap” “Bloody Bastard”, etc, as we use out here. And yep, I got a few of my Khronate models out here to help with the modelling.

Khorne Endless Spells, Judgement of Khorne: Bleeding Icon

The model itself is pretty nice, though it’s basically just a giant Khornate Icon. Despite looking quite simple to paint, it still too me way longer than I’d hoped, mostly due to the overly-fiddly base (fucking skulls everywhere!), but in the end, the model does look good – so I can’t complain too much.

Khorne Endless Spells, Judgement of Khorne: Bleeding Icon

Pretty simple paintwork. Sprayed black, then silver, then washed with Seraphim Sepia twice, then drybrushed with Vallejo Model Air Gold. Blood done in a coupleof shades of red, then overpainted with Blood for the Blood God (appropriate, eh?) and after varnishing, hit with gloss varnish for the nice wet look. I decided against overdoing the blood dripping from every rivet and sluicing down the icon with that semi-random look – preferring just a little smear near the major drips.

Well, that’s one down – three to go for this set!

Oh – and while it’s not technically terrain, I’m going to call this sort of thing valid for Terrain challenges. Because stuff like this (big summoned spell effect thingies) don’t really fit in any better in any other category. Maybe some could also be monsters, I guess. Close enough.

39 thoughts on “̶K̶h̶o̶r̶n̶e̶ ̶E̶n̶d̶l̶e̶s̶s̶ ̶S̶p̶e̶l̶l̶ Judgement of Khorne: Bleeding Icon (June ’19 Terrain Challenge)

  1. As long as i like the models (especially the skulls and the giant axe) I decided to not get these. Because they’re endless spells and Khorne should not have magic, whatever GW calls them. But my complaints are far to be just lore based, in fact, that’s the lesser of the issues. What I totally hate, and I mean HATE, is when companies “flatten” their armies by giving every army access to everything (and this is a thing that PP too has done a lot, during the years). I love diversity across a game’s factions, so Khorne should not had access to spells. For gameplay sake before that for lore coherency. Better would had be to help Khorne armies to deal with ES, allowing priests and other “anti-magic” units to try to dispel them once already on the table, for instance.
    Anyway, I understand this is not the place to post my complaints 😉 so I’d better end my rant and write some good words about the great paintjob instead 🙂 A stunning paintjob, as I learned to expect from you.

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    • I honestly haven’t looked at the rules for (any of the) Endless Spells to this day yet, but my snark in the post text aside, I’ve always pictured the Realm of Chaos/Realm of Khorne as magical by its very nature, so these things would be a manifestation of Khorne’s will come to life in an earthly-ish realm – essentially “crossing over” from the Realms of Chaos.
      Pretty much in the same kind of way that Daemons are a physical manifestation of magical creatures in the lore. I guess the thing that would decide for me if they’re lore-breaking or not would be the specific “summoning” rules for them and the flavour text/descriptions around them.
      And thank you for the compliments! 🙂

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  2. Ha! Now that I’ve read your thoughts on the naming of this piece I can’t help but imagine Khorne as a Londoner. “Ere, where’s me bleeding icon, innit!”

    At first I wasn’t too impressed with the idea of Khorne getting Endless Spells (by any other name) but the more I thought about it the more it seemed that these are just manifestations of the realm of chaos in which everything, even the angry god himself and his legions, is made up of raw magic. Now Endless Spells for dwarves I find harder to swallow (Fyreslayer Magmic Invocations I’m looking at you!)

    Anyway, you’ve done a really nice job on this, not sure if I’ll ever get them myself but if I do expect to be ripped off. That gold is just lovely, cheers for the tips on how it was done.

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    • What the bloody hell are you on about, mate?
      As to the Khornate ES – I think you’re right on the money. Even the new-fashioned Ur-Gold Fyreslayers make sense somewhat, though I’m just ignoring their fluff in my own headcanon, and fully plan to just paint them as more traditional slayers, though with more models lacking pants. I’ll see how easily their little runes can be carved off, and how well they can be covered with tattoos, though – literally “cover-up” tattoos on my (Fyre)Slayers..
      A fine compliment, so feel free to rip away. I’m not shy about doing it when you and others have a great idea, so the more the merrier!

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  3. Blood Icon, or Icon of Blood, seem like they would sound better. Those might already be taken, tho.

    Khorne’s hatred of magic is flat out hypocritical. He is, by his nature as a being of Chaos, composed entirely of magic, as are all his subservient Daemons. It’s more like some bully or street thug calling it cheating whenever anyone else wants to fight in some way other than toe to toe.

    All that aside, it does look excellent here. Good call on the restraint with the blood splatter; it’s easy to go overboard there. And yeah, perfectly fair calling it Terrain. Most of the Endless Spells I’ve picked up have ended up becoming Terrain, or I have plans in that direction for them.

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    • They do sound like those names would already be taken *somewhere*, don’t they?
      Going back to the RoC:StD book, Khorne’s hatred of magic seemed more aimed at cowardly magic users who stood back throwing firebolts and refusing to get into the fray rather than magic itself as an essence – because, as you say – the whole Chaos/Daemon/God thing is pretty magical in its very nature.
      I’m working on a few more of these endless spells. Some have been derailed for the time being because I hate cleaning up puttied-over join lines, while one other is another Contrast Paint experiement – and i’s had both decent and awful results so far (the awful being my own dumb fault both times, to be fair!)

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      • Yeah, it is largely that Khorne has been, perhaps more so than any of the others*, oversimplified in the years since RoC.

        *Slaanesh is also a contender, but feels more like “we don’t talk about that” than “they don’t do that”.

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      • Yeah, there’s been a slow erosion of the “blood and martial honour” espect of khorne being replced (a little too much) with “blood and mindless berserker slaughter”, when a bit of both is much more interesting and nuanced.
        Slaanesh has also suffered – I think a lot more than Khorne in being oversimplified to the simplest trope. I rememebr even back in the ’90s a few people (adults, apparently) being all about the LOLBEWBSEX of Slaanesh and ignoring the rest of the insidiousness and excess of the lore. All about any female Warrior/Champion of Chaos in fantasy or 40k (including conversions) had to be Sleeneshi because GIRLBOOBIES. The internet by and large has been no better over the subsequent decades, so it’s again reducing the character to the lowest common denominator aspect by the fanbase, while GW quietly does its best to ignore it as it pretty much fits into a “too hard” basket in so many ways – probably cursing Ansell, et al for creating the character and embedding it into such a deep, core part of the lore the whole time, when something like The Horned Rat is SO much simpler!

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  4. Of all the endless spells, the Khorne ones are some of the coolest in my opinion and you did an excellent job on this one as well. As someone who is very casually into Warhammer, these almost look like they could be terrain pieces on a board set in a Chaos world or land. Keep the awesome updates coming 🙂

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    • Indeed! I’ve got a couple of their other terrain pieces on the go that pretty much got hung up by the mind-numbing number of skulls and bones on them. Hopefully I get at least one of them done for Jewel of July..

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  5. I know GW totally goes overboard on skulls, but I think this is one of those occasions it actually makes sense. Blood for the blood god and mountains of skulls on the side….

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  6. After reading all the faction posts I clearly don’t have enough space on my brain’s hard drive to learn all these factions! I am still trying to keep and expand upon all my WWII armor knowledge. And I am forgetting key life details, like now I cannot remember much about my first Stones concert in 1981 or 1982. As for the model, I like what you did here. Not knowing much, it seems to me to be the Khorne equivalent of the McDonalds Golden Arches? Drive through for death? Now I’m rambling…nicely done.

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    • Hahah, the easiest way to think of it all is comparing it to all of the Nations involved in WWII and then the key service branches and sub-factions within each nation – Kriegsmarine vs Gurkhas!
      In this case, Khorne is one of the primary four (and probably the most popular) gods of Chaos across all of the Warhammer games – with many sub-factions dedicated to him (again, across all of the Warhammers).
      Time to break out those bootleg concert discs again, perhaps!
      McDeath? Well, now that you mention it….


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