Humble Book Bundle: The Horus Heresy 2019

Sprues and Brews spotted this and I thought some people might be interested in a pile of 40k/Horus Heresy e-books for cheap.
(Well, the humble email was in my email inbox, but Matt Crowther already did a nice write-up, so kudos to him!)

Sprues & Brews

Fan of the Horus Heresy? Well Humble Bundle have an awesome offering up today with a collection of books from the Black Library The Horus Heresy series!

If you haven’t done a Humble Bundle before, the general idea is that there are multiple levels with each offering more goodies as you go up the tiers – but essentially you can choose how much you pay! You then choose where your money goes split between Games Workshop, Humble Bundle or to charity with this month’s selected charity being Extra Life / Children’s Miracles Network Hospitals

Here’s what you can get for each tier:


This is an awesome chance to get a massive selection of Horus Heresy goodies for £12 all in!

Pick up this collection today over on Humble Bundle!

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5 thoughts on “Humble Book Bundle: The Horus Heresy 2019

  1. For anyone looking at this and wondering about buying it I highly recommend them – I’ve read pretty much everything listed and I’m a little bit jealous because I’d love to be able to sit down and read them again for the first time. Apart from Scars I think all my favourite Heresy novels are included.

    ‘I was there,’ he would say afterwards, until afterwards became a time quite devoid of laughter. ‘I was there, the day Horus slew the Emperor….’

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  2. Ah, I bought the first HH humble bundle when it was on sale a couple years back, and I’ve almost finished reading them all! Even though roughly half of these books are repeats from that bundle, I’ll probably get this for the primarch books and the ultramarines/word bearers storyline.
    But yeah, like Wudugast I’d recommend the bundle for anyone who is even slightly interested in the HH saga.

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  3. I looked at this a few times since you posted it. I’ve never played Warhammer, but these books look interesting regardless. I still don’t know if I’m going to do it, but thank you for posting this and letting people know.

    Just out of curiosity, I looked some of these up on Amazon and they want $16 each for these for Kindle editions. That’s just nuts! So this is no doubt a ridiculously good deal.

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    • Yeah, it’s a great deal. If you’re not sure, I’d just drop $1 on it and have a read/listen through a bit of it, and then go back and get the rest if you enjoy them. Not sure if your dollar still counts towards the $15, but even then – at worst you’re paying $16.
      FWIW, Humble aren’t a dodgy mob at all. I’ve been a customer of theirs for quite a few years now and they’re very legit – so that’s not something to worry about at least.


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