Empire Warrior-Priest of Sigmar w/hand weapon & shield (2011)

Citadel Empire Warrior-Priest of Sigmar w/hand weapon & shield

Today I have a relatively recent model by my own, odd standards – yes, this model is only(!) 9 years old, being a Warrior Priest of Sigmar that was released alongside the 8th edition Empire army book. I always liked the sub-range of Warrior-priests, and this one in particular – so I managed to pick up a few of the models before they all went OOP.

Citadel Empire Warrior-Priest of Sigmar w/hand weapon & shield

This model wasn’t on the Tray this time, though it would have been due at some point before too many had passed, since it’s such a nice model. Though the actual reason it got finished and you’re looking at it now is because of the D&D boardgames. Basically, Marounda and I have been running 2 characters each, and my pair have been a Human Rogue and a Human Cleric. At first I fished out the half-painted model and was using it, until I decided to brong it inside and finish it off, using a Reiksgard …which, I ..uh recently finished and was about to link to ..but apparently havent photographed or posted yet. So.. there’s another thing for me to do, then.

Citadel Empire Warrior-Priest of Sigmar w/hand weapon & shield

Anyway, this model was a little bit of a hard one to work on, but wasn’t unenjoyable. Just one that kept kicking up those mental blocks that hit us with some models that we paint. I painted his hammer and armoured gorget with blued steel, and used some decals for the text on his holy tome and chest-scripture.

Citadel Empire Warrior-Priest of Sigmar w/hand weapon & shield

Once it was complete and varnished, I took it back inside because I felt it was missing just a little something – so I added the freehand on his cloak. A pattern around his hood, and the filigree on the cloak edges, featuring a skull stylised as the twin-tailed comet of Sigmar. An enjoyable final touch, and also one that really finished the figure off nicely. Now he’s spent the past week or so smiting foes and cracking skulls through the Wrath of Ashardalon adventures. I’m just happy to have completed the model before we completed the campaign I’m using him in!

24 thoughts on “Empire Warrior-Priest of Sigmar w/hand weapon & shield (2011)

  1. Lovely job dude – so the writing in the book & chest scroll are transfers? Bloody good idea mate, looks fab! I love the extra detail on the cloak too dude -subtle but works so well. Bravo!

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    • Yeah. I could do some squggly lines, but they wouldn’t have the perfect neatness that I really think is needed for a holy book of Sigmar and associated scripture. As much as I love to freehand things, there’s nothing wrong with transfers! 🙂

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  2. Love the pose of this one and your attention to detail is superb – I didn’t even know you could get transfers for script!
    Great freehand, very neat, I’m surprised you need to use transfers when you can produce things like that 😃

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  3. Great job, man! The freehand additions to the cloak really do add an excellent finishing touch. A most excellent warrior priest for sure!

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  4. Yes, there were some really cool sculpts on these priests, and it’s a shame that they went the way of the dodo..

    Your paintjob and the freehand especially is wonderful. I’ve been kinda intimidated by doing that sort of symmetrical, intricate freehand patterns, but seeing your model (, as always,) makes me want to find a model to practitice it 🙂

    Another small detail I found great is the mottled effect on the shield flame emblem.


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  6. This is such a cool mini. I really miss the old Warhammer fantasy stuff like this. You really smashed the freehand and those transfers looks so good that I thought you’d done that part freehand as well. I can usually tell when transfers are used but you fooled me this time 😉 Excellent work all around and don’t be shy about digging up some more old models like this. You know I’ll always be excited to see them 🙂


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