D&D Monster Manual 54: Dungeon of the Mad Mage – Grung Assassins & Elite Warrior

D&D Miniatures, Dungeon of the Mad Mage, Grung Assassins, Grung Elite Warrior

A little more D&D today, both figuratively as well as quite literally. These four figures are “Grung“, apparently, and no doubt predate and serves as inspiration for EverQuest’s Frogloks and in turn, Warcraft’s Murlocs. I checked out the D&D Wiki’s page foir the first time while writing this text, and so have just found out that the Elite Warrior “should” apparently be coloured either orange or golden. I had instead painted him/her/it with a series of black and yellow Rorscharch-like spot-markings to distinguish it as the elite. Ah well, keeping ’em green was good enough for Guk and it’s certainly good enough for me. 😀

D&D Miniatures, Dungeon of the Mad Mage, Grung Assassins, Grung Elite Warrior, Murial the Misshapen, Heskan Dragonborn Wizard, Warhammer Warrior Priest

Painting of these models was done pretty simply – a mix of VGC Escorpena Green (similar to GW Moot Green) mixed with a lot of yellow to achieve something like old-GW Bilious Green. This was then covered with medium-thinned Contrast Warp Lightning and left to baste for about three months. By which I mean they sat on the paint desk for about that long untouched. Then this week after finishing Murial, I did their bases, gear and eyeballs. Job done! I’ve included the “action shot” here alongside Murial, an official D&D humanoid and a Warhammer model to provide scale for both the man-scorpion and the not-murlocs. As with their boxmate, Murial, I’ve had them for long enough to qualify for Ann’s “Neglected But Not Forgotten” painting challenge – so 4 more done for that!

31 thoughts on “D&D Monster Manual 54: Dungeon of the Mad Mage – Grung Assassins & Elite Warrior

    • Thanks! We’ll go with semi-intentional in that contrast on a smooth-but-uneven surface *is* going to do that, though exactly *how* it’ll turn out is down to the will of the paint gods!

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  2. Love ’em – the vivid green works really well. Top work on the eyes too, I always find big boogly eyes harder to get right than “normal human” sized eyes but from what I can see you’ve got them spot on.

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    • Thanbks Wudu! They were relatively simple to do as big yellow dots over black but looked a little plain so I highlighted and shaded them with Dorn Yellow and thinned light orange respectively. Of course, you can’t tell in the photos at all, but hopefully they just add a subtle unconsious look in hand. The real cincher is just the ultra-thin line, and credit to that goes to my W&N S7 000! 😉

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  3. Excellent looking Frogmen mate, with their shape I would have gone with poison treefrog colours but your green looks excellent. ( never guess I don’t like painting green ! LOL)

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  4. Man oh man I love the green on these frogs! Brings me back to my F.R.O.G. platoon I did a few years back. It’s NOT easy to pick the right colors for frogs, and you did this exceptionally well. And Wudu’s comment on the eyes are spot -on. Really nice work!

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  5. I am quite fond of anthropomorphic frogs and these look like fun little sculpts. The markings on the elite froglett are a nice touch. The green is also exactly as I would imagine for such frogs.

    If the sculpts would be a tad better that would be a great base for a unit.


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