D&D Monster Manual 30: The Legend of Drizzt – Water Elementals

Yes, they loook like Gummi Lollies (or candy, if you prefer).

If you can believe it, they looked even more like gummies before I added paint, some foam and gloss varnish to them. There’s not much else to say, really – as models they’re not a patch on the Pathfinder Water Elementals from Wizkids, but they’re amazingly still better than the Water Elemental from the Temple of Elemental Evil board game, which I’ll have up here before too long.

I don’t have a lot more to say about these rather clownish models. Quick and easy painting wins for Contrast Paint once again. They’ll be fine as boardgame fodder, I’m sure. I should have the four elementals from the TOEE game finished and posted up in the next little while, though!

27 thoughts on “D&D Monster Manual 30: The Legend of Drizzt – Water Elementals

  1. Nice job banging these out. The sculpt is rough but I think you painted about as well anyone could reasonably hope to. Your progress on D&D minis lately has really been something. Its great to see you finishing so many of them so quickly 🙂

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    • A lot of them manage to hit the “sweet spot” of being low detail but also quick to paint, so I’ve been able to knock out a lot of them. I also spent all of last week in home quarantine while Marouda and I waited for the results of our COVID tests (both negative, BTW), so while I did have to do a bit of work from home, there was a lot more free time to work on this stuff….

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      • This is very belated but relieved to hear you’re doing okay health-wise. I couldn’t agree more about working from home and painting productivity. I can usually squeeze in two hours of painting now where an hour was all I had most nights when I was commuting to and from the office. You’re doing a great job reducing that backlog and making the most of the opportunity!


    • Yeah, I guess Hasbro/WotC had pumped out so many figures over so many years and so when it came to selecting monsters and villains for their boardgames, it was something like “ok… we need to find sculpts for stuff on this list!” – or – “here’s the list of available minis to use as monsters.” – either way without a lot of regard for …sculpt quality or consistency.

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